President Wants To Ban Violent Video Games?

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    1. Dragon Of Dojima bro you keep saying let’s pretend it has nothing to do with race but yet you yourself said all these different European countries are quote “of the same race” I’ve said from the start explain why explain why you want England to remain English. If you make the argument of well I don’t like blacks or something along those lines then yes you are a white supremacists but if you say well I’m an isolationist then that’s different. I’ve explained this multiple times.

    2. Fire Up The Lancasters Lets be honest, what is easier for parents: Getting a PHD in child psychology and researching it for several years, or blaming a medium of entertainment

  1. I think, for most people, it has almost entirely the opposite effect, meaning one is more likely to lower the likelihood of their acting upon their violent urges by playing intense sports & violent video games because, consciously or unconsciously, they’ve already mentally exhausted their violent urges, thus, have relieved themselves of them.

    Moreover, desensitization means “the process of reducing sensitivity” not the process of getting in even more mood & sensitivity for something. It’s similar to how constantly watching & relieving yourself to a lot of pornography could desensitize you to seeking & investing in sexual pleasures in real life. Having become desensitized to sexual pleasures would not make you go on a raping spree as having become desensitized to violent urges would not make you go on a killing spree.

    Therefore, I think, by mentally acting – stiumalting these conditions by the means of mental role-playing – upon violent or sexual urges, one’s more likely to make themselves psychologically exhausted, thus, not seeking them as strongly &/or determinedly as they would otherwise in real life; In fact, becoming lazy in these regards in real life.

    That’s how, I think, it goes usually for most people without often being explicitly realized.

    1. Your comment is brilliant, I have done extensive studies on pornography and its effects on human development and (separately) violent video games and the so called “correlation” with gun massacres but I never made that connection. I completely agree with you about your definition of desensitization and the demotivattion factor that is facilitated through desensitization. Brilliant.

    2. I agree with your argument as it applies to video games. Unfortunately I don’t think pornography is the best example. Desensitization as it applies to pornography usually refers to how people move from ‘vanilla’ content to more extreme hardcore content because it takes more stimulation to achieve the same level of endorphin and dopamine release. This type of desensitization can and in fact has been testified to by convicted sexual offenders who say that they were just finding erotic pleasure in more and more extreme things overtime and eventually had to act on it to even be able to feel sexual arousal. That being said, violence is not as much a core human need as sexuality is, which is why I completely agree with you when you say desensitization cannot be applied to video games because it is not acessing as much of a core motivation as sex drive

    1. @blue spork these people are evil and they have agenda and goals. They want power and control so we know why they do it.
      For mass shootings however no one knows why they do it and for what reason so they blame video games because it’s easy

  2. I disagree with the Presidents speaker, but what I DO agree with however is a potassium rich diet
    A potassium-rich diet can help lower blood pressure, and people who eat plenty of potassium have up to a 27% lower risk of heart disease. Eat Banana’s #fukapples

  3. “We must stop the glorification of violence in our society”

    Yeah man, then stop sending citizens into war and stop actively seeking international conflicts lol wtf

    1. We don’t send citizens to war. We send enlisted soldiers who choose to sign up. Military personnel aren’t considered private citizens.

      We interject in foreign conflict when our interests are involved. When you are the most powerful nation in the world, that is quite often.

    2. Video games are played globally and the only place they’re blamed for “gun crimes and shootings” is in the us so I don’t see how this doesn’t point out the fact the maybe America is the problem and they should do something more about their gun laws

    3. Or stop moaning about violent video games causing shootings when it’s mainly the us this happens in and if a mass shooting does happen in a different country we don’t don’t see them blaming games…

  4. As someone who builds rifles, owns silencers and also has played violent video games my whole life, it is disheartening. You either value life, or you do not value life.

    1. @Andrew Weber yes, meaning those kids weren’t bad people when they were born

      They were made bad people by something in the american society

  5. It’s because of guns
    It’s because of video games
    But it’s NEVER because of the overgrown mass of pure evil pulling the trigger

    1. @Owen Wolf Co. I wouldn’t consider buying a gun that cost $3000-$4000 via mail order ‘easier’ compared to walking around the corner and spending $500-$1000.

    2. tubularmonkeymaniac, he means back then there were less restrictions. In the 1920s, anyone could buy a B.A.R. Or a Thompson M1928 On Mail order.

  6. “Studies show that video games have negligible effect on violent tendencies.”

    *proceeds to obliterate enemy with gold plated 12 gauge shotgun*

    Edit: I don’t agree that video games have an effect on violent tendencies just found this funny

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