Anno 1800 Battle for $1000 – LevelCap Vs PhlyDaily

earn by taping


Anno 1800 is on sale now on the Ubistore:
You can also get it here on the Epic Games Store:

Check out: Thank you to Ubisoft for Sponsoring this video.


Weapon Stats:

Computer Hardware:
Acer Monitor:
Headphones ATH-700X:


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  1. *Was a great time battling against you Level! That three hours went by way to fast. Btw I liked you city better it was more built for the people… mine was a police state and at every corner there was a weapons factory*

  2. I’m scared to play this game again because the last time I played it — I ended up playing for like 10 hours straight. This game is an addiction.

    1. @Nathan Stroomberg i believe they wanna push their own platform onto players… “Uplay”. So by not offering games through other channels they force you to install their platform/store.

  3. Due to your previous Anno video I bought Anno 1404 (with the Venice expansion pack) last month. It is one of the best versions (according to online reviews) and the total price was only 112 Thai baht (about USD/EUR 3). Its a great game to sometimes spend a few hours of relaxing time now that i uninstalled battlefield.

  4. you seem to get a different kind of play out of anno 1800 than i did. anno 1800 is not relaxing at all xD always working and calculating what you need to keep balancing and expanding
    your production

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