GREEDFALL Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC


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GREEDFALL Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
Release date : September 10th 2019
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    1. Hardcore Bunny True not as buggy but does suck when a lot are pretty game breaking. Because their save system is a bit weird so you can easily come across them again.

    2. @Salom902Not as buggy as Bethesda AAA tripe. And I disagree, Bound by Flames was a great rpg, short but had a lot of features still missing in core RPG series.

    3. Hardcore Bunny I thought Bound By Flame was terrible. I liked their Mars series especially the Technomancer even though it was buggy as all hell.

    4. Because its not a triple AAA game but sadly we live in an era of ignorant and dumb ppl like you that dont know that theres a market and a middle ground for games that arent either indies or AAAs

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