Lobo is The Main Man in DEATH BATTLE!

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The last son of Czarnia is ready to bring mayhem to this battle!

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    1. no
      He never warp reality though — not in my knowledge anyway— he can match or beat guys that can though but said thing can be said to lobo. Anyway, if lobo can resist or survive the penance stare — like Deadpool and punisher — then lobo wins this.

    2. Actually Ghost Ride true being is unknown, except that he can only be killed by the one true god and is a direct agent of his. Also, he literally gains powers to catch and punish those he is after and why.

    3. Lobo is also a genius so that might Affect a lot of things and as far as I know Johnny blaze is kind of stupid he sold his soul that means he can be Tricked

  1. What do you get when you take a character that can’t be killed unless it’s by a holy weapon vs a character that’s banned from heaven and hell?

    An apocalypse that’s what

    1. @SwiftMcSelene But it did work on DP though. It didn’t destroy his soul, because, as far as Zarathos was concerned, Deadpool’s life is a more fitting punishment than oblivion. Which is… fucked honestly.

    2. The Penance Stare will take care off him that’s if it works on what you’ve done instead off feeling guilty for what you’ve done because Lobo doesn’t probably feel guilt…like at all plus would Hell Fire work on Lobo ?.

    3. @Mr. Monocle That requires the Penance Stare which only works if the person feels remorse for their actions. That’s why it doesn’t work on Deadpool or Punisher. I see no reason it would do anything to Lobo.

    1. @Mae-Neau And then Deku Detroit Smashes Magneto in his unmentionables.

      And the violence begins… How long before someone brings up a useless character like Goku or OP man?
      Or Superman just crashes the party and sends everyone home because he is no fun boyscout?

  2. “You’re in the presents of the main man. The last Czarnian, the ultimate bastich, assassin to royalty, Names Lobo. “

    1. I love to see Death Battle Showa clip of Lobo Falling down from a cliff ledge in Justice league Action Beep Beep 1:34 for research

    1. @Disgusted Batman Shoot him in the eye and let the bullet bounce around his skull. Or just shoot between the ribs to hit various organs. Invincible bones aren’t that useful without something to prevent soft tissue damage.

    2. It’s not really a fair fight, Lobo can go toe to toe with Supes Ghost Rider doesn’t stand a chance, no matter how much I love them both

    1. @digital Champion Except that got retconned. Punisher had divine protection from an angel feather and that’s what saved him. The whole no regret thing that people keep bringing up was due more to poor writing than it really is an actual rule for the character.

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