Modern Warfare 64 player Battlefield mode detailed

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Modern Warfare will feature a 64 player Battlefield style mode with Tanks, helicopters and APC. Details here as well as some NEW information on dedicated servers and more! Easter Egg T-Shirt: Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching!

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    1. +Ultra Gamer. com
      It has a nice campaign and gunplay in it, but multiplayer and map design with weapon balance was awful. Maybe worst in my experience.

  1. Projectile bullets? Asymmetrical maps? Modern warfare? Vehicles? More controversial than “No Russian”? Kill streaks are back? Accolades? Customization? Nostalgia?

    I thought I never would have been excited for another CoD.

    1. @Gabriel Angelo Watch the russian goverment terrorist attack on their own soin to start war with chechnya called the Moscow appartment attacks, and then ask urself uif they would or not

    1. @Ryan Rigsby eh, destructive environments can stay in Battlefield. That’s what separates the two imo, not to mention… COD is already incredible fast paced. Being able to damage buildings will open up more lines of sight…

    1. @gold3npimp RELAX? have u ever seen what DICE did and is doing on BFV? I completely abandoned BFV even though I was a loyal fanboy since BC2. BFV and DICE nowadays are total disappointment

  2. Call of Duty:United Offensive was 64 player with tanks and jeeps on massive maps. Foy and Italy some Russian maps. Good times.

  3. Battlefield players, if you want to play an actual battlefield ww2 game, do yourselves favour and get rid of bfV and download forgotten hope 2.

    1. @Haskin Payne dude those games are dead and theyve been out less than BFV, they also have a completely different and more boring gameplay experience

  4. Developers: *makes games in modern times*
    Players: we want future games
    Developers: *makes future games*
    Players: we want games in the past
    Developers: *makes games set in past*
    Modern setting games: “You could not live with your own failure…where did that bring you? Back to me.”

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