POWER SETUP & MANAGEMENT! – Oxygen Not Included FULL RELEASE GUIDE Launch Upgrade Gameplay Ep 9

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How to manage food, morale, stress, decor, liquids, gases, power, disease and temperature … amongst other things!

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    1. can you please do a lets play where you show us olso the boring parts? after every skip i have the idea that i miss alot of the building en maneging

  1. just wanted to add my 2 cents as there is some redundancy in your power setup. first off, those 2 large batteries at the bottom are quite pointless and also causing unnesscary heat and losing power. for those who dont know, all batteries have a run off value which means over time the battery will lose charge even when not being used. normal batteries have a runoff of 1kj per cycle (10%) big batteries runoff is 2kj per cycle (5%) and smart batteries runoff is 400j per cycle (2%). so its best to use smart batteries regardless. now another thing to note is that transformers are also somewhat of a battery, they can hold 1kj and 4kj respectively for the small and large transformers, and these have 0j per cycle runoff. basically they hold the charge and never lose it.

    now the reason why the large batteries are unnesscary for this set up is simply the fact of what the role of the battery is. Batteries are essentially buffers for electrical energy. they store all the excess energy that you are generating. the reason why the smart battery is so great, is that it has the ability to shut down the generators once they become full and there is no more storage space for the electrical energy. without the smart batteries, your generators will continue to produce energy and consume fuel, but the excess energy is just lost cuz there is no where to put it.

    so the proper way to set up the smart batteries is such that the maximum threshold should be as high as possible, the only reason you shouldn’t set it to 100 is that there is a slight lag between when you send the signal to the generators to shut them down and when you hit that threshold so you lose a tiny amount of un-stored energy. the lower threshold should be set depending how long it takes for the dupes to replenish the coal, if it takes the dupes almost no time to replenish the fuel source, then you can have it as low as you want and it doesnt matter, but if it takes them a while to replace the fuel source, you should set it higher. Since all the batteries drain at the same rate (assuming they are all within the same network) then the larger batteries just store a larger amount of potential energy. but if you’re smart batteries never reach 0 charge, then the extra storage of energy is pointless, it really doesnt do anything other than take up more space, heat up more, and lose more energy.

    plus since the transformers also act like a battery that stores power, then that is another source of storage already built in for you. this is also why you dont actually need more than 1 battery unless you want to do something similar to control the amount of generators are running depending on your power situation. but otherwise, dont bother with more than 1 battery at any given time, any more is pointless unless it takes a long time to deliver your fuel (being a dupe running on the wheel, or providing raw materials).

    1. I use a bank of large batteries 4 to 6, and 1 smart battery. The smart battery runs out before the large batteries.
      These batteries all reside on the load side of a large transformer. The automation of the smart battery unlocks the door to my refinery room. This let’s the dupes refine metal when the batteries are charged.

      This let’s me make less power than I would need to produce to run the refinery constantly.

      Of course, the dupe motion sensor will always let them out of the room.

  2. I just wander one thing:how to hell the coal generators work in nooxygen enviroinment? No oxygen means no burning. Game makers thought about every detail but not this…

    1. @Zahar the expert clicker it works:D and about the coal generators. Im sure the make there own oxygen if you look at them:D

  3. Thanks so much for keeping the videos short and to the point. Nothing worse than trying to stay awake through a 2 hour letsPlay where I realize I didn’t learn anything worthwhile anyway.

  4. Been waiting for more extensive tips with dealing with slime (struggled to find a decent recent tutorial on it), so definitely gets my vote.

  5. I mistakenly ran the heavy wire all through my base before I realized about the poor decor. So, yeah, that’s why transformers are needed.
    This game makes you say “Oh, that’s why the electricity in my house/town is run that way.” or “Oh, that’s why they design the plumbing like this.” or “That’s why the ventilation is run like that.”
    Awesome game and awesome video series. Love that you started this series new upon actual release.

  6. Hey Skye! Been a Patreon supporter for a while now after binge-watching your Frostpunk and Don’t Starve content. So glad to see you playing another of my favorite games. As soon as I heard your voice overtop the ONI sounds I thought to myself, “Yah, this is gonna be a good time.” Keep up the great content man.

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