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    1. @Ascordigan As far as I am concerned, anything from now to any near future carries that risk! Actually that is far future… I would be in my eighties by than… No. That is wrong… In my nineties!

    1. Cebastien359 A dotted line of dwarven feces, stretching to the horizon in both directions, leads the way to the new settlement. Dwarves seeking to join the new town need only to follow the smell of the soon-to-be brethren.

  1. if the first thing of a city that you see are graves and a defense wall that just covers 1/4 of the city then you know its run by Nook XD

  2. Oh sweet, a Dwarf game i didnt even know about ! … If they’re dwarves they sure are really really young though. I wonder if this is one of those games that just tacks the term on and is completely devoid of any dwarfiness to the point where if they were called humans nothing would change =/ even the store page doesnt have the word Dwarf on it so thinking its the latter

    1. You should spend some time in India. We had a cab driver litterally stop in the middle of taking us to a restaurant, get out and take a leak.

  3. the banished we always wanted, i dont care about the graphics. though some parts of the game need automation because i can easily tell in the late game it would be a micromanagement nightmare.

    1. Man… banished had such promise. It could easily have evolved into something truly great over the years. Such a shame.

  4. Seems like another Rise to Ruins.
    There are almost too many of these games now, its hard to distinguish the good from the chaff.
    So good games might be lost because people are so sick of the chaff that we dont bother giving anything a chance anymore.. You know what i mean? It took me FIVE YEARS before i even tried Rise to Ruins for example, and discovered it to actually be a great game.

    1. I was assuming you’re talking about RtR as an example of the trash. Cause when I tried it it was a huge letdown, probably the most boring hour of my life. So the whole thing is very subjective.

    2. @baleur I feel you. @WiselsWise I look at the same thing when looking for games. Especially in early access. ea games with frequent updates are quite fun in my opinion, I love to come back time and time again to see the process and see it grow. Also things might change and you’ll never see it again, bit you still have the memories of how it was which makes it unique

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