10 Character Image CHANGES That Totally Sucked

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Sometimes video game character redesigns don't go over so well with fans. Here are some examples.
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    1. Not really a redesign but a change, the Kain from the Blood omen series is my favorite fictional character of all time and I hate how he is in the soul reaver series

  1. It’s been said many times, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is still something that a lot of people forget somehow.

    1. @Ibrahim Baghdadi Many Ubisoft games have obvious flaws though. There are things that can be fixed when it comes to Ubisoft games.

  2. Speaking of Mortal Kombat, the way they turned Motaro from 4 legged badass sub boss in MK 3 into some two legged monstrosity in MK Armageddon was just horrible!

    1. The fact that the 4 legged centaur Motaro never came back into a MK game after 3 except in a cut scene where he died is the most tragic thing in the MK franchise.

    2. The reasoning behind such a change was because they wanted to include every character but Motaro’s length would have been a problem to put into the game. It was either to not include Motaro, or make him smaller. In the lore, if you’re interested, it’s because the Shokan’s have cursed the Centaurs, so they became Minotaurs.

    1. Well, it’s more a spin-off. The first game was called Skylanders Spyro’s adventure. Then the later games completely forgot it was supposed to be a spyro series game and just changed it to the Skylanders series.

    2. mrpickle 1900 Yep, if I remember correctly the entire Skylanders series is the second time the Spyro franchise was rebooted. Originally meant to be called Spyro’s Kingdom.

    1. He shouldn’t even be in sonic’s little entourage, knuckles was always the anti-hero type, playing mischievous tricks on Sonic and tails, like in the beginning of sonic the hedgehog 3. His new design looks atrocious and the whole meathead persona just isn’t funny and doesn’t work for him

    2. The Lizard King

      i don’t like how they made him dumb either tbh but i gotta be super honest i like the variety in the body types in terms of them for sonic boom.

      i’d say knuckles being a dumb jock in sonic boom is the only problem i have with it tbh.

  3. Brah I really liked DMC, just wish it was under a different IP. Maybe set in the Devil may Cry universe just different characters in a different location.

    Edit: depending on how it was writing, I think it would’ve been cool showing other parts of the world with there own demon hunters that are half demon/half angel instead of the half human/ half demon aspect.

  4. If DmC devil may cry was never called that and was instead it’s own thing, I think it would been a way different reception, the mechanics of the game and it’s combat are quite solid, problem was everything else

  5. Man, I’m genuinely glad that this YouTube channel exists. Not only do they have awesome people on board (lookin at you falcon), but you pump out great and enjoyable content LITERALLY EVERY DAY. Its amazing tbh, most channels get a video a week and dont even match up in quality and entertainment, i honestly dont know how y’all do it, but boy am i glad y’all do.

  6. I may get some back lash for this, but Leon from 6 and RE2 remake and the way he sounds. I loved the way Leon looked and sounded in 4

  7. yep capcom not deciding wtf they want their characters faces to look like after 10 years (esp. Jill & Chris jesus they’ve been through a lot)

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