HOW TO KILL SLIMELUNG GERMS! – Oxygen Not Included FULL RELEASE GUIDE Launch Upgrade Gameplay Ep 10

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How to manage food, morale, stress, decor, liquids, gases, power, disease and temperature … amongst other things!

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  1. I’ve been watching a lot of oxygen not included lately and you’re the only person I’ve seen really work on cleaning water/chlorine room

  2. Slimlung has killed my base in the past thanks for the tips and Iā€™m gonna try this. Really enjoyed watching the stream yesterday keep up the good work!!!!

  3. I have a few questions. How can you develop oxygen if you run low on or out of alge? Can you show us what happens when someone uses that chair next to the brain? What about those lockers in the frozen biome and that terminal?

  4. but the mushroom wants to have slime and darkness, which you can also use it to … don’t mushroom give same kind of more food bonus?

  5. Really enjoyed this episode, where you showed all the details of the process and checked everything twice. Despite that you still have some slimelung on your leftmost storage at 26:42.
    About the delivery, is it possible to give a red alert priority to only the storage, so they ignore sleeping schedule?

  6. Ive watched your q&a livestream and I can honestly say you did not fix the pipe lol you looked at he wrong room. That being said it’s not important. I’m curious to see what you’re going to do with the puffer room so much polluted o2 and slimelung. And can’t wait for you to expand the chlorine room. Enjoy your rest day Skye :D. 4 episodes and counting haha.

  7. Thank la for another great video Skye!! Thanks for all the oxygen not included videos and I hope you keep this series going!!

  8. Thanks for another helpful episode Skye! Somehow that was easier to follow than last night’s stream šŸ™‚ Next one, you’ll have to set-up the Hatchcorpse Glue Factory lol

  9. I bought this game way back in 2016 but stopped following it in 2018 cuz of frequent updates with increasing difficulty, never really watched any LPs cuz there was no point in doing so every few months. Finally a playlist I know I’m gonna watch to the end cuz it makes much more sense now. Thank you Skye for the gr8 series, you’re making it easy to understand given the complexity of this game, really appreciate it! Please keep ’em coming! šŸ™‚

  10. i think the outbreak update scared you to be so hyper-careful on slimelung.
    I generally just stuff it all into a submerged container and as long as i dont mine out slime en-mass i dont get any issues. I think my dupes have gotten slimelung…once?
    I set up a little 2×3 hole on all 4 sides of my base that hold enough water to submerge a container. Yeah sometimes i get a bit of slimelung in the base but very little. Disinfecting the slime itself doesnt better me since i try to not use it at all until i have broken through a slimelung area.

    1. that’s what I do to my slime as well, no need to be overly careful and have a slimelung free base. Slimelung has been nerfed so much compared to the past.

  11. The cholrine room isn’t the only way to deal with slimelung. You can also superheat or (much better!) cool down the disease-containing material to kill it rapidly, or ignore it and ramp up vitamin chew and medicine production in the apothecary.
    Also, dupes only contract it if it’s in the air, so having some of it on solids is fine as long as there is no polluted oxygen around.

    Personally, initially I use a combination of a bit of medicine and a couple of wash basins next to the mining area (where the slime processing is also located for convenience), and later use exosuits and automation to make any germ stuff completely irrelevant.

    1. @Ziel Amerak Indeed! I’ve never found that to be reliable enough though, but it certainly is one of the most fun ways to deal with germs.
      If you have no allergic dupes, planting flowers in your oxygen generation chamber and then venting the floral scent through the whole base is a neat strategy for improving morale (and maybe keeping slimelung out as well).

    2. @XiTeMa I’m not sure, but the floral essence can kill the slimelung in the air, cause is a germ and have priority over slimelung.

    3. In any case, one doesn’t need to be super worried about slimelung unless it’s in the air (then it may already be too late to prevent infections unless there’s medicine around) – except of course when the aim is a germophobe base like Skyes with the explicit goal of being 100% germ-free everywhere.
      (I have never seen such a tidy base in the early game – usually the start is messy and you clean everything up later with advanced tech, but this one is insanely tidy from the earliest cycle on – quite impressive!)

    4. @jackalope_hunter Germs will spread to other adjacent tiles, so it’s usually not a great idea to build right next to germed tiles, unless you can be absolutely sure that there is no polluted oxygen around or ensure the area is cold enough.
      I have never seen tiles spread to items on the ground (not sure if that’s a thing). Germs will spread to other stuff in storage compactors, however that happens slowly (unless the thing they are spreading to is other slime).

    5. Do the germs get on other items in the area they are mined? Like for example that clay that dropped while he was mining, will it get germs on it if its left there? And if you accidentally put germy slime into a storage container with other items, will they get germs?

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