The Most Heartbreaking Loss With Kotal Kahn – Mortal Kombat 11: “Kotal Kahn” Gameplay


Leave a like on the video for poor kotal kahn :'(

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

#MortalKombat11 #MK11 #kotalKahn

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  1. Leave a like on the video for poor kotal kahn :'( i still have a lot of videos from the season of salt that are of course pre patch so expect these to go up everyday a lot with the new stuff when ever it gets approved.

    1. @Jim Hopper None of the events of any MK game matter anymore. It is now a completely new timeline, so anything is on the table for the next ones

    1. @LegendArySayain agreed especially with low tier character hard to focus and you hardly have any openings the sound can be very distracting

    2. camote bionico he literally says he doesn’t like doing it for ranked matches, and I don’t blame him. It’s easy to get distracted when someone starts to flame, or for them to say something that could get him in trouble. If you don’t like it don’t watch.

    1. Im rooting espicaly for my main when Super is against them. But I got your point too, sometimes you just want to see him bested.

  2. Super finally spammin the amplify on the command grab, the blood makes the bar regen fast af so you gotta amplify it every time.

  3. Watching the Season of Salt triggers me so much for no reason… super thank you for doing this because nobody else has the balls to give us this Content

  4. Kotal Getting A Good Buff, His Coatyl Parry Counts As A Flawless Block, Which Means Some Characters Won’t Be Able To Finish Some of Their strings or amplified special moves

  5. Super: Makes Video about Kotal Kahn

    Caboose: Makes video about Shao Kahn

    I would love a video of you two playing a couple of sets

  6. I still find it impressive how pro players dash after they anti air the opponent and continue the combo like damn that’s sick!

  7. The noob you fought was my brother and I watch him fight you and I was salty cuz we both love your vids and he knows I wanna fight you lol

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