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A big update to No Man's Sky, a Resident Evil rumbling, a strange 2k/Borderlands move, and more stuff happening in gaming this week.
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Fan smashes PS4

Loot box disclosure

Take-Two makes a house call

New Resident Evil?

Guilty Gear teaser


No Man’s Sky Beyond

DuckTales: Remastered (2013)

New days gone mode

Death Stranding no longer exclusive?

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  1. oh hell yeah lot’s of interesting stuff to talk about today. too much, in fact. more to cover next week! We had a good time making this one today. hope you guys have a great weekend and thanks for watching!

  2. Always gotta love the, “Destroy my own property that I paid for in order to send a message to those who I gave money to”, idiots

    1. It’s a cheap way to get a very strong message across to millions of people and the company though. The news was surely heard and discussed even in the top management.

  3. LOL. Good “point.” You already paid Sony for this console, and you’ve destroyed it. THEY HAVE THEIR MONEY.
    Kids these days.

    1. @zaksor parkour You just… used the holy trinity… Like, that is exactly what people on say about consoles. There is nothing new. Same old holy trinity. Don’t use to be at least… on the right track…

    2. @Tucker LathamThe first videogame was tennis for two. Get your facts straight old timer! Jk jk, admittedly I greatly envy those who have seen the entire evolution and also appreciate you guys taking an interest. If not for the players, I wouldn’t have the game.;3 <3

    3. @Davidandvideos the holy trinity is pointless too huh?

      How many Half-Life 3 petition have you signed bud? Pc is good for indie games and MOBAs.

      Assemble a pc for 250$, good now let’s see if it holds for 7 years like consoles do.

      PCs give you the ultimate experience but for a hefty price, the same thing can be argued for super-computers, “you run 60fps Ray Tracing hah, my custom built 7RTXs can do 80fps”

      Consoles give you that sweet spot, good graphics, good frames, and great exclusives, and games are optimized right of the box, pc releases sometimes have performance issues that are later patched, and sometimes entire games don’t come out on it until months later *cough* RDR *cough*

      Now your turn… Go

    1. Don’t Subscribe To This Channel Dumb chinese guy though lol. Sony has his $300 anyway. Sony doesn’t care what you do to your system xD.

  4. The only point made to Sony was, “looks like one more unit sold…” because the smasher will be out buying one shortly after the video, or has already done that and we would never know.

  5. >Some guy just smashes his PS4 just because a game is a ripoff to BOTW just to make a point
    To me, that’s not making a point. That’s being blunt.

    1. Sony doesn’t care though. Sony has made millions of PS4s and has your money. Lol. Chinese guy proved nothing but looking stupid.

    2. @Victor Alkaiser Ikr?? It’s not like nintendo owns the graphic filters… I mean look at kurtzpel and tales of zestiria! The game looks more like those 2 than botw in any way… I mean, by that logic botw is a rip off of zestiria.

    1. Exactly, if you sign up for the beta it will pretty much hint at having pay to win mechanics in It but I still want to give it a try, not enough games have botw mechanics

    2. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
      same, I am kinda interested in trying it because I love BoTW and I would like another game like it but also different and the only way to actually know it is to play the game which is not out yet so yeah

  6. UNVIVERSE: Welcome to a world where we smash a 400$ console to the ground that we paid to play.

    ME: What kind of gamers is this world?!?

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