Hunt Showdown is popping off right now

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Hunt Showdown gets better and better. A great game for banter, and intense pvp moments. Loving it right now! Playing with TAG. Thanks for watching. Leave a LIKE an

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  1. Jack playing Hunt Showdown literally makes my day. This game is so underrated, it absolutely deserves much more attention. Thanks Jack! love ya

    1. chapel976 I once scared someone by emerging from a bush and whispering “Hello there.”

      Got shot in the head in response though xD

    2. @Walaay A I’m playing solo most of the time, it is more me who scares duos and trios. Many times i have done so duos start flee for their life when i come

    3. chapel976 solo can get like that for sure.

      Playing duos or trios allows you to relax much more and not be on your toes every second.

    1. It’s just not for everybody dude. Sure it’s a good game and all, but only to a small group of PC players. Not denying it isn’t good, but even i don’t like it and I usually like hardcore games like this; just too boring and the world is seemingly lifeless and dull (and I get it’s trying to create that atmosphere per se) for me. Plus, it’s waaaay too much of a grind to unlock better weapons and ‘perks’.

    2. @123santib it has bugs yes but not lots of them and tell me ONE game who is free from bugs lol and the connection problem have been solved since a while back, ofc some happens but it happens aswell on other games also

    3. @123santib did not had a single connection problem for months now in South America.. so many people complain about it but don’t understand that the problem is on their end

  2. I’ve been playing Hunt for only a few days now and I can say I’m really enjoying it, the combat and all that stuff, it’s really great in my opinion!
    Hopefully their future updates will do justice to the game!

    1. I’ve been enjoying on console for the most part. Still in preview program, so it’s not surprising that there’s a good bit of chunky movements and iffy textures but it’s good fun. Especially if you like stalking and ambushing. These kinds of fights are near impossible on console at this stage however. Just who gets lucky with their shots. I’ve seen so many people just strafe back and forth 3 feet apart and it takes almost a dozen bullets before one of em drops haha.

    2. @GnarWorg FMD “Ryzen 5” doesn’t tell anyone what CPU it is, just the tier, is it a 1600, 2600, 3600?

      Either way, any Ryzen CPU and the RX 580 will run this game perfectly fine, that’s a solid GPU for 1080P gaming. You’ll run this fine – But yeah, definitely get more RAM.

  3. Yea Jack hunt is great one of the most intense pvp experience I’ve seen. Keep putting out vids like this and I’ll keep watching👍

  4. Finally, the big bois from youtube are actually uploading some footage of this amazing game! My channel is too small to make a difference lol

    1. Maybe too small but i really like your channel. You have made a great contribution to the Hunt community since the beginning. Thank you and keep up the good job.

  5. Thanks for giving some attention to this beautiful game, that tries something new instead of going with the standard battle-royal formula to get some quick cash.

  6. It warms my heart that someone like Jack is a) enjoying and b) giving the game the exposure it so deserves. Hope to see many, many more videos from you @jackfrags. Keep it up!

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