Marita Highlights – Infantry Domination! Battlefield V


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    1. Sorry man. But if you never find servers like that then you are probably a noob yourself. Because every server is full of people with no awareness and aim.

  1. I think that the fact that Call of Duty will be great this year is great news for the future of Battlefield.Lets hope they wake up and make a great Battlefield game in the future.

  2. We need MEDAL OF HONOR to come back. Danger close or should I say Dice LA, please help us, these guys are burnt out or clueless….

  3. Nice to see someone manages to play Marita well. Im still having huge problems with this map and the main issue for me is the poor visibility.. Second issue is the mmg campers. But im still hoping that some day im gonna play Marita well, at least once.

    Btw, nice streaks Cap!

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