POKEMON SWORD / SHIELD Gameplay Trailer (2019)


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POKEMON SWORD / SHIELD Gameplay Trailer (2019) Switch
Release date : November 15th 2019
© 2019 – Nintendo

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  1. The original Linoone can’t evolve into an Obstagoon.And the Galar form Weezing look like a floating nuclear power plant or a bong.

  2. This looks so bad. It’s just an HD 3DS game. Needed a bigger generation leap like with Zelda. Hell this actually looks worse than Pokemon Colosseum.

    1. @AnotherGameNerd 다섯

      It’s not being a “hater” to be critical of poor work. They used the same models from the 3DS, and even reused many of the animations. They are not even including all of the Pokedex, so it’s actually less work than a 3DS game. Yet they have the nerve to increase the price of the game by about 75%. Yeah no.

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