Songs of Syx – 02 – “Dwarven Industry”


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  1. After seeing you play Song of Syx, I tried it out and played for about 10 hours straight. While there’s some good potential here, the game currently has some balance issues with food. What kept happening to me repeatedly was that I’d meet all of my citizens’ needs, then immigration would balloon the population up to double/triple what I had, and within a year or two my food production and storage would dry up, then 1/2 to 3/4 of the population would emigrate or die off, I’d have to halt new building, maintenance, and many occupations besides farming & hunting, and eventually I’d catch back up with food only for a massive influx of dwarves again (going from 150 dwarves to 500 in a year is not unusual). I wish there was some way to set population caps, either directly or indirectly (e.g. the number of beds), and/or AI that understands to prioritize tasks that are what people are currently suffering from. All too often you have a “unemployed” dwarf _(unemployed means they do building, maintaining, & delivery tasks, which are super-important to have)_ who’s happy to maintain roads and build graveyards while starving to death— nevermind the piles of multiple years’ worth of food sitting at the farm 30 tiles away.

    1. Dwarfurious Good to know; that may help my current save. That said, they still won’t prioritize food over grabbing stone or wood, even when starving, so I guess the only real solution is to make sure one always has more than enough workers on stockpiles such that there’s never any spare resources of any kind laying on the ground, right? It’s clunky, but it’s an alpha (by definition of not being feature-complete), so I imagine there’ll be improvements down the line, especially if the game is intended to allow large cities to be stable enough maintain themselves while the player works on new cities. I have hope that this’ll be revised by the dev.

  2. I went to download this too cuz i thought they were dwarves but turns out thats just a placeholder nook 🙁 Oh well it was still a really good game surprising so for how early this is, i think the amazing pixel look carries it right now

  3. Most industries need coal.
    I did try it out, suddenly I had a population of 77 and
    then they ate all the food
    then they all died of starvation. (Well; I guess I have not figured out how to limit population growth.)

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