The Most Clutch 55% Damage With D’vorah! – MK11: “D’vorah” Gameplay


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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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    1. Can u please play some jax man i kinda wanna see some jax action especially since u know how to use it very well😂😂
      Btw nice clutch against that modafucka kano u lit, love the vids

    1. Ꮆremlin ᏤU actually I did know that cuz D’vorah is one of the characters I play and I’ve been in the lab with her testing all her buffs so don’t assume I don’t know what I’m talking about👌🏾

  1. Heu Super mk11 is my first mk and watching your vids have helped ne get so much better and you got me playing kombat league . Have a great day.

  2. That entire last round vs the Kano I kept sayin “he’s gonna leave. Super take it easy….he’s gonna leave. He’s gonna…”

    Lol you can always tell who gonna leave mid set. This is why sandbagging to make them think you got lucky>>>>>

    1. I mean you can with every character against every character, which makes the game really fun, but some characters just have the better tools, if you find Cetrion hard to play try some Jax or something, there’s plenty of other fun characters in the game

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