10 Things Only RPG Gamers Will Understand

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RPGs are lengthy, compelling experiences. Considering we've all spent so much time in them, here are some things you can probably relate to.
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    1. That actually happened to me while playing God of War: Ascension, only it wasn’t a Boss but a set of battles on an ascending platform that progess in stages. It was a pain and I couldn’t beat it on normal difficulty… I had to restart the game on easy to beat it, and I had already beaten God of War 2 on Titan difficulty before that. I’ve actually got Platinum Trophies for the remastered versions of GoW 1 & 2 on PS3, which were cake walks to get since I knew all the secrets from playing the originals son much on PS2. But Ascension, man I don’t know why that section was so hard, even on easy mode…

    1. I suspect that they don’t have MORE money just that the Nobles reward less than poor people can even afford… sounds about right.

    1. IKR? I have literally spent 15 minutes trying to come up with the perfect name for my character and when I play GTA 5, Forget the missions, I feel a little weird going to different shops trying on different combinations of clothes.

    2. Jourdan Seelye I do it all the time. Especially in ac odyssey(not the best rpg but still) If I’m doing a stealth mission I’ll transmog my trashy looking stealth gear all from different gear sets that don’t match into something that looks cool and does match.

    3. I disagree. Naming is easy. Just look at my Guild Wars 2 characters. doubloon farm a, doubloon farm b, doubloon farm c…. wait… oh…..

    4. Ah, it was a simpler time before games started changing your in-game appearance with new armor. You’d just equip the best one immediately, end of story.
      Now, they _hopefully_ let you refashion, or I find myself definitely suffering from this problem.
      In MH:W I avoided some better stats because I could still slay the big monsters without them, and I couldn’t bring myself to look _that ridiculous._

  1. I still have at least 6 keys in my Witcher 3 Inventory, and I cannot figure out what they unlock.

    But Im not givin em up…

    1. My friend told me to store water it regenerates hp a lot. I end up storing 230 of them and finished the game without even using them. Planning to use them on dlc or idk maybe i’ll store some more.

    2. Dude, any game where you’ve already put in hundreds of hours, and you are likely to never see the content if you don’t google it, it’s fine to just google what something is, or is for. Also, even if you do care about that, who gives a damn what someone else does? Every game and gamer is different. I know I keep myself from searching things in games like Dark Souls, but then in games like Outward I google things constantly because I simply don’t have the time to die over and over to the developers lovely combination of trial and error combat with excessive randomized punishment.

      That being said, I love knowing I’ve put 1,500 hours in Skyrim and there are still dungeons I’ve never been in.

    1. Not to mention, instant serial killers. Look at Fallout 4. Nice lawyer lady becomes Ghengis Gawdiva leader of the Nukaworld raiders in less than a year of game time.. %}

  2. That moment when you spend all that time manipulating the look of your character only to have their face covered by a helmet for the rest of the game

    1. @Thomas Dimensor Kingdoms of Amalur did it even better because not only can you make the helmet invisible, but even if you want the helmet visible while exploring and fighting it wont be there if you enter conversation, which is the only time when you actually look at the character’s face directly.

    2. ok picking out your eye colour who will that close to you?
      in game, you can’t even scroll your mouse wheel close enough to see

    3. One reason why I love Terraria so much. They added an entire extra row of slots for cosmetic items that let’s you override the equipment you wear for stats.

    4. @Thomas Dimensor

      unless it is like in some games, you can still equip the helmet and set it so it wont show in game. Dragon Age 2 & 3 are like this.

  3. you forgot
    When you enter a cave/dungeon/building, etc and you dont leave until you clear and find every corner because there could be loot and you dont want to miss that loot

  4. Ahhhh character customisation. Such a beautiful thing
    *Create your character*
    3 hours later.

    Me: Ok all done
    Game: Now name your character
    Me: Uh Oh

  5. stealing everything from everywhere that isn’t nailed down and keeping it all in a single chest. You think I have a problem? Just wait until that quest comes along where I need 50 dwemer cogs and then who has the problem? I just go pick them up from my house and am done, you have to go to several ruins and find them.

  6. Starting a quest that seems to be a 20 minute thing and then realizing over an hour later that this quest is freakin long and you really need to go to bed.

  7. Also when you hoard tons of rings or necklaces or any accessory with useful enchantments cause “Hey this might be useful later on” I’m so guilty of this in Skyrim

    1. yes. I have to pick up everything I find in Skyrim because the custom castle I have has displays for every armor, every weapon, all the daedric quest items you get as rewards, all the dragon priest masks, etc.. So yep I get exactly what you are saying.

    1. Haha yeah that bear in the caves at the beginning of Skyrim. I sneak into a wall undetected and turn the controller upside down to hold the joystick forward.

  8. What makes me laugh is as soon as an RPG comes out, minutes later on a forum somewhere, someone is asking “what’s the best weapon and where do I find it?” lol. For some folks, screw the mystery and adventure, just get me overpowered haha.

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