Battlefield 3 was peak Battlefield

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Battlefield 3 was perhaps the ultimate sandbox experience. Highlights from Wake Island and Jack's Tours goes live! NEW T-Shirt: Use code COOL4CLASS this weekend for 10% off. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. Battlefield 3 was the one I’d stay up all night to play. Was the battlefield I was introduced to. It’s the one with great memories of long kill streaks. Of pure amazing firefights. Just amazing.

    1. Same I’m glad to say that BF3 was that precious gem that got me into the series and I couldn’t have picked a better one. 💯

    1. I would prefer a battlefield 3 remake over a battlefield 4 remake however I would prefer it if it would have the battlefield 4 controls. I’m an Xbox player and when playing battlefield 3, it felt like I was playing PS

    2. Zen Goheen using the controller sticks for tanks is a nightmare in bf4 and they changed the legacy controls so it wasn’t the same

    1. @Elijah -HE so what? let this man enjoy the things he wants. even if its wasting time gaming. “might wanna chill with the time you spend” writing comments about other peoples life bro.

  2. Why isn’t anyone talking about the skull image in the end? Do you think Jack is hiding an easter egg? Maybe it has something to do with that phone number or the numbers in the image of the skulls

    1. Ok I had a look around, the image is from a skull in a museum in Lima, Peru, it’s of an adult male who has had a hole drilled into their skull as a form of medicine (to release pressure on the brain). If you Google “trepanation Peru” and look at the images you can see the same skull, and there is a video that gives you a clearer view of the numbers on the side of it.

    1. One time during Freshman year I threw up right in front of my teacher, walked into class after being handed water and rinsing my mouth out to then instantly pass out on my desk and was literally woken up by the speakers playing the sound telling us that period had ended. I didn’t get in any trouble, because I’m not a violent drunk, and it wasn’t a regular happening. America. :’D

  3. I totally agree with the title, I remember launching the beta, landing in metro and i was like WTF, how can a game look so good, while a single tears rolled on my cheek. Then i played played played and played.

    1. White Sonja honestly same. first time i played an online match and i didn’t understand how a game looked so good and i never knew about it before

    1. Before BF4 launched they were talking about map designs which were both open for vehicle warfare but also narrow in sections. I think they achieved that, but it’s too slow paced

    2. I agree, a lot of the maps were waaaay too open. This is pretty much the reason why Operation Locker is the map everyone plays for Infantry combat.

  4. BF3 was the first fps, or even game i played seriously and it will allways have a special place in my heart, loved all the dlcs and the 1000’s of hourd were not wasted in my eyes…

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