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  1. When millions of people play games and a few people who play video games do these violent acts is like less than .1% of people who play games. Statistically makes no since, might as well say water is the cause of all this.

    1. @Spethman Jones Statistically, 100% of those shooters have been observed drinking water, publically or secretly inside their home. Which means water is the source of all violence and we should ban water from being drunk from now on.

  2. Oh no Walmart….I hate to be one of the 5 guys who still buys videos games there. Also ESPN reaction is a bit more reasonable as they dont want to be pull into this discussion.

  3. I’m pretty sure they claimed that every ‘SHOOTER’ has mental illness or some stuff NOT video games 😑🤷‍♂️

  4. Want to know something I’m surprised about dayz banned for drugs but no one looking at human dismemberment and eating human flesh

  5. Violent game crackdown? But it’s okay for kids to go off to fight wars for banks and elites… Sure most of these shootings r shady

  6. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were gonna make me a serial murderer in the 80’s.
    Old white guys sound so stupid, but only when they talk.

  7. Timmy: Mom, can you buy me Doom Eternal, I finished the first one 6 times…
    Mom: Are you crazy Timmy, haven’t you heard all the evil things going on on TV
    Timmy: Alriiiiight mom… Can you buy me this M4A1 with night vision device, suppressor, laser pointer, telescopic sight and bipod?
    Mom: Sure, but let’s finish off with the groceries first sweetie…

    1. @kobyashi i think it goes deeper than that, back in the day, getting a machine gun was as simple as mailing a check in a catalog, you didn’t have these problems of shootings, I honestly think theres some foul play going on here.

    2. Banning anything won’t make anything better. The 18th Amendment failed miserably because certain people thought alcohol was a very bad influence and should be banned.
      Enter Cosa Nostra and other crime families…

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