X-Com: UFO Defense – (OpenXcom) [Part 2]

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  1. After all the times I vanish in the death matches it’s nice to win for a change. That aside, watching classic xcom makes me hope that phoenix point will bring back some of the classic strategy. I do like the later xcom’s as well but they sort of forked in a different direction.

  2. Nook, you’ve got me playing this game again. Of course, I’m also playing *Dwarf Fortress,* *Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead,* and *Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup* – all four of which are free games, when I’ve got tons of games I’ve bought (often, thanks to you) which I’ve never even installed yet.

    Plus YouTube videos! Heh, heh. I can’t even _begin_ to get to everything,… and I’m retired! So I don’t think I’m going to watch all three hours of this. But I’ll put it on in the background as I try to get some other stuff done. Thanks!

    PS. I’ve just started, but I had a terror mission at the end of my first month, and I lost all but _two_ of my soldiers during the fighting. There were 16 aliens, and they were my first encounter (in this game, at least) with Mutons and Celatids. Ouch!

    Now, I’ve got to recruit some more rookies and send them into the meat-grinder. I’m not thinking much of my chances.

  3. I would just like to say Thank You…in Your games selections, you strike a nerve each time….you sound young; but that is no insult,,, I have a project I’m considering in which you could be of great aid.. might we speak privately? originalxcom !!!v WHICKED! People today are spoiled by their inane ‘games’… they are to me, insane…Pokethis…Sonic the what? Please help, I ask for only your advice and consultation…not money!
    All Hail-NOOKRIUM!!!!

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