Video game secrets are leaked all of the time, but some become huge and blow up. Here are some crazy examples.
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    1. The Borderlands guy deserved what happened. He was doing some legit illegal stuff and broke both twitch, youtube, and discord TOS’s

  1. Lol. Sometimes it’s deliberate. Anyone else remember finding the secret room in Batman. Using explosive gel on the wall. To a secret room with plans and maps for the next Batman sequel ?

    My friend just remembered in the following game there was a boat door you could hack into full of bugs and a man in a chair. With inform on a note about the next game.

  2. Why didnt you guys mention the Mass Effect 3 Dark Energy ending leak?
    It resulted in many of the characters losing the end of their stories..

  3. A couple of copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 were leaked out a month before release and the guy who leaked them was stupid enough to sell them on his own Facebook account

  4. Threats, Copyright strikes, and law suits if they are really nasty. Time to watch the vid.

    Edit: #3 is an example of great use of taxpayers money.

    1. #3 – Dude allegedly broke the law, causing damages to a company in excess of $250 million. Charges were filed, and an arrest was made. How is that a poor use of taxpayer money?

    2. Imagine making/producing a game with a big budget, only for it to be stolen and leaked losing you sales, also imagine spending thousands on a security network only for it to be hacked and having to spend more on a new one.

  5. Hearing about the title, my mind instantly flashed to when Star Wars Battlefront III’s internal trailer was leaked to the world in 2008. An employee at Free Radical Design (a studio that was actually acquired by Crytek and renamed Crytek UK shortly after this), recorded and uploaded the trailer of the game to YouTube, and as a result, the entire project came crashing down. LucasArts got involved, canceled the game (even though it was apparently “99% complete”), and FRD filed for bankruptcy shortly afterward.

    Granted, the leaked prototypes and such have been slowly leaked out over the past decade, so it’s not totally impossible to play the game really, but still, a shame it never happened. 🙁

    1. Doesn’t really count, that was just an accident by Amazon where everything was sent to Mexico. What REALLY was big leak, Kingdom Hearts 3 being leaked 3 MONTHS before launch.

  6. When it comes to leaks the ethical standards of them depend on context

    If its datamined files then id say leaks of those are ethical as it is something anyone who owns the files has access to and with the knowledge can access.

    If theyre internal leaks from say an intern or someone who was invited by the company to come see early development of the game that would be unethical on the grounds of, the general public does not have access to the info and they were brought into the company (likely by legally binding contract) to respect the developers work of the games and not hand out company secrets that could cause a loss of profit.

    If you sign a legal document and you breach it you can and will likely be held accountable for it doesnt matter what situation your in

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