Driving my New Audi R8 Home Across the Country


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    1. Thesweatygod yea but that was in horizon 3. Like some of the other guys might have new cars and jack has done new mods to his rs since

  1. Jack that is a mdi cable it’s a vw system just go a dealer or eBay and order a mdi lightning or a mdi usb cable they work great if you get a actual vw one not a knock off the knock off only work for charging

    1. How the hell do you know this? Do you own a R8? Do you work on R8s? Tell me please. Its interesting how someone can know something so obscure so well

  2. 3 nice cars wow Ford Focus then a skyline then a Audi R8 all at the age of 18 you would never think you would get all three of those cars

  3. Hey jack I’ve been watching since 2015 love the videos and keep up that insane grind of yours
    Edit:btw congrats on your channels six year anniversary

    1. Bro I have a neighbor who has a black 2017 Audi R8 with a widebody and new exhaust he took me for drive once


    2. Lmao there’s this one spot in my city where there’s a bunch of Sportscar like tesla mclaren lambs and Bently and more but I saw 2 mclaren p1 in the same day one parked one driving

  4. “I can’t connect my iPhone X to my Audi R8 radio, so I just put in my AirPods.” You should change your name to JackUltraFlex

  5. I’ve seen an Audi R8 today and I’ve bot seen one in ages. Also Roadtrips seem fun to me. Being trapped in a metal box going high speeds down the motorway attracts me to roadtrips. Also Congrats. Squeker to Supercar owner

    1. @ImSippinTeaInYoHood He was talking about himself liking road trips in fast cars, so obviously you don’t understand anything

  6. Love the Audi also i just got my learners so I can’t wait to drive. And HOW DO WE HAVE THE SAME SHIRT !! coincidence I think not lol jk biggest coincidence ever. Love u jack!

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