Is This The END Of Erron Black?? – Mortal Kombat 11: “Erron Black” Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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  1. Leave a like on the video if you’re happy erron got nerfed lol honestly though erron is far from dead! he’s not the best character in the game anymore but he still has all the tools that made him great they’re just not as crazy as they were before. if you play erron don’t use b222 as much and start using 21212 a lot more to stay safe… unless you’re opponent as asleep and not punishing you lol

    1. @King Archer There is a shortcut you can use to hit it every time, instead of 21212 do 211 2+1. This makes it so the inputs do not have to be as fast and its fairly easy to cancel the fourth hit as well.

    1. That match is one the reasons why i don’t agree with errons overnerf. No more good looking and decent cancels anymore. I guess liu kang got multiple cancels but he’s meeh

    1. @Night Spectere Gaming no they changed it when u do an actual attack with the rifle it doesnt go away on its own anymore u have to hold up if u wanna do a certain combo string afterwards which is stupid and no one asked for that, it used to be hold up to keep the rifle out now its the opposite ive adjusted to it for the most part but its still annoying

  2. Is this the end to Erron Black…

    Will Super not play him anymore…

    Will my cereal get soggy while I’m typing this…

    Find out next time on Supers Channel

    1. Sexy Love Cook Sanji forreal it was fine to exit the stance by default. It’s stupid that you have to exit the stance of you want to combo off of it. I’m not a erron main, but i tried a BnB combo and the timing is stupid now.

  3. Guys if u hold ⬆️ after doing a move from the rifle u can cancel to a string like forward 3 2

    Edit: don’t wanna be the person to ask 4 likes but plz like so others can see .
    Hope all of u erron mains find this useful, I personally was so happy when I saw this

    1. Just go to ur abilities in move list on the rifle it should say hold ⬆️ to cancel. I don’t know if u should have the enhanced rifle tho happy to help guys🙏

  4. Bro I did my last daily challenge today and I think it was glitched because it stayed in 9 didn’t go up to 10 and I got all the others challenges done men I want that Erron skin

  5. Everyone says RIP Erron, Scorpion and Sonya users as well as a couple of others but I still think they’re definitely still useful, hell, the teleport Nerf doesn’t mean anything if you actually use Scorpion wisely and don’t spam like a nimrod

  6. 2:24
    I can no longer do that Back 2 2 2 and back forward 4 combo for some reason. Can someone tell me why. Am I just doing it to slow?

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