IJN Destroyer Grind – World of Warships

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  1. Glad to see you enjoying the game Level. I’ve played this game since Closed Beta and have loved it ever since. I currently lead the team maintaining the official wiki, so if you ever have questions, feel free to PM Doomlock.

  2. You know levelcap you have been liking more games then just battlefield and posting less of it…….HELL YEAH GUY! Play whatever GD game you wana play and enjoy the hell out of it.

  3. Nice to see you are enjoying it! I’ve been playing WOWs for more than 3 years and it has been a great journey. Hope to see you in the seas!

  4. To quote Arlios while he plays a Japanese DD:
    “[Gasps] That’s an Amagi, that’s an AMAGI! I’M SMOKING! Panic smoke, panic smoke, panic smoke!
    …Nooho… Not like this…”

  5. the arp ships are tech tree ships with an anime skin over them and effects arp = arpeggio of blue steel. The torpedos look cool when the hit a ship on the tier 7 ships

  6. When you’re a DD, it definitely helps to know the opposing team’s ship capabilities. Radar/hydro ranges and their cooldown times is critical information to know when trying to get in close.

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