Rise to Ruins – “Nightmare Mode” – 02

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A regularly updated, brutal godlike village sim that melds the god game, management, and tower defense genres! Fight off hoards of monsters at night, and expand your village in the day time. Inspired by games like Black and White, Rimworld, and Dwarf Fortress but not quite like any of them.

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  1. I was thinking about commenting 2/3rds of the way through that you’d picked too hard a mode, now I’m thinking ep 3 will be short and bitter sweet. You did good trolling me with the oddly long video.
    Yeah that most of your people will stop working for a good chunk of the ‘day’ whenever you do anything other than command buildings be built has always seemed like a poorly implemented mechanic, i can see why it was implemented but it needs to be balanced way down. I have seen villagers freak out when moving my hand/mouse/cursor over them, yes I mean when i’m not carrying thing and more than once, its like the hand is a giant floating hand ‘in universe’ (was an old build, like 2 or 3 years ago).
    Keep fighting the good fight nook

    1. @Ortorin it’s apparent you recognise something hyperbolic but to point it out highlights that you don’t see the point and purpose of ‘taking a grenade out fishing’ (the point is its over easy to trigger or too long and calling it ‘all day’ drive’s this point home)
      One minute you are saying ‘just use worker golem and the odd harvest away from town.’ Enter my “play half the game” and the very next moment its all ‘you have framed that in a way I don’t like “Stop acting like YOUR experience defines the game.”‘ I mean cummon you have just told me how to play the game and then not to play it that way and that anyway I play it is wrong because the dev decreed too you that you are top dog and a whimsical fairly at that. Then you try throwing gaslighting at me with all this ‘you don’t understand the game or its design philosophy’ followed by some low key tier 1 town management ‘tips’ as if I didn’t reach the point of the game where I could test mechanics till my hearts content or could think of noting new to try.
      Yeah I get the subtlety of the unseen hand guiding and controlling. Somebody that witnesses stone flying through the sky might freakout and fear for their life. Likewise somebody that witnesses a miracle or has their life saved by the summoning of a holy golem should maybe get a boon as they feel their god is watching out for them, if it’s a mechanic in lore it should go both ways, if its a mechanic to prevent user input it needs very good reason to exist. Say you summon a holy golem in front of some teenage recruit he might and probably should freak out, but why does a hardened veteran that has been fighting alongside countless wood+stone+crystal golem’s for a decade bat an eye to any spell in the game?

    2. @Ortorin Title: Rise to Ruins
      Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
      the only one of them 4 that isn’t meaningless is strategy.
      good job of being right about it being a village builder so hard to discount with 2 seconds of looking its store page.

    3. @Ortorin That you can lure all the mana out of a 4×4 grid of maxed energy collector’s, gather it into a dense ball and throw it over and along the main road of your village to no effect but if you swing your hand near a lumberjack he stops working fly’s in the face of your understanding of the mechanic or as you’d rather describe it ‘magic system’. Yeah, you can build lighting rods near the ancient cullis gates and then drop as much of any wave during the night for far too much mana and less tax on your defences is not a good mechanic ether, I hope one day it gets patched, hell it may have been in the last year for all I know.

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