Shao Kahn Conquers Kombat League! – Mortal Kombat 11: “Shao Kahn” Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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  1. *PRE PATCH. Leave a like on the video if you want more shao kahn gameplay <3 only 1 more episode left in the season of salt! hope you guys have enjoyed it 🙂

    1. My answer for you: you dealt 1000 points of damage. Fun fact: you won because the patch you had less then 50 health.

    2. Hey super, I really like your videos and your play style I just bought shao kahn thought I could pick up some tricks and I’m a lot better now

    3. Ugh that first match made me frustrated 🙄 the guy would hit low and then use that one dam move!!! There’s nothing u could do, that’s how u lost Super…. he’s not good

  2. I cant stand to play online because im low ranked and everyone just uppercuts and does the same move its so cheap then they want to flex on you with fatalitys its so gay

    1. I disagree, the fire gardens ost it’s very good, the stage arena it’s good too, maybe not all are good, but not all are uninteresting

  3. unrelated but am i the only that has this bug where every time i visit the kollector in the krypt he has nothing but krystals of life?

  4. Do i sound crazy or was kung lao buffed as well….the dude can do a 48% corner combo using lotu which is tempest like variation

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