5 Best Current-Gen Games That Were FINANCIAL FAILURES

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Some games impress audiences, but don't impress enough for their corporate overlords. Here are some examples of games we loved that performed "below expectations".
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    1. I’m uncertain as to its financial success, but Mark of the Ninja (the original, back when they had leaderboards) was an awesome game. I feel like it didn’t get much traction, however.

    2. Armada for dreamcast! they made this crappy online version afterward, and it tanked hard. The OG game was simple, but epic. It’s impossible to emulate on PC too. Me and my brother bought an old dreamcast recently just to play that game alone.

    3. Definitely Titanfall 2. Best FPS campaign in years and kids today don’t even know what it is, they hear Respawn and think Apex

    1. I only know of it because at the time I was following Paladins esports, and a lot of people left (temporarily or otherwise) to go play Lawbreakers competitively. It didn’t go well, but at the same time, Paladins ain’t doing so hot either these days, so I guess it wasn’t the worst decision to leave for Lawbreakers.

    1. To be honest that is the reason why Deus Ex failed. His story had to be finished in the 2011 game. The never ending stories are pointless waste of time without meaningfull reward in the end.

    1. @justin why?. that’s why he said failure, not specifically “financial” failure. Anthem failed on all possible fronts lol

  1. such a huge shame with the gravity rush games, they are some of my all time favourite games and seeing them not doing well breaks my heart

    1. @zxride64 I won’t defend them or anything, but to be fair, they made that two parts animation (GRAVITY DAZE The Animation ~Ouverture~) and the cat commercial (Gravity Cat), and those must count to something, considering how cool they were.

    2. And that music… like a concert, seriously, it should have been up there with Persona 5 and Nier Automata it the game awards for best soundtrack, it was THAT good.

    3. I feel I like it’s gonna be a cult classic in 3 or 5 years people are gonna clammer over the $15 pre-owned gravity Rush and the price will change to $60.

    4. Even if Gravity Rush 2 was profitable, there were no plans for a third game at all. The story was already wrapped up at 2, all the major loose ends were tied up, and Kat, of course, returned after dwelling in the deep ends of the World Tower. Also, those numbers were actually listed a month after the North American, European, and British releases, meaning it sold around 300,000-400,000 by mid-2018.

    1. If it makes more money than it cost, it should be considered a success, but the executives just want more money to buy another exotic car or beach house.

    2. EA/Activision: oh magic conch should we make a new game and not a war game next year?
      Conch: ~No~
      EA/Activision: well I guess we’ll go with the idea Frank had with the attack robo penguins as a gadget/score streak.

    3. @Teamgeist Indeed. That’s why they should have realized the games were for niche audiences and budget them accordingly. Instead, they got greedy, spent a lot of money and had unrealistic expectations on the returns

    1. @vawa-ID its really good, and the dlcs the signal and the writer are also both good if not a little short. and the alan wake american nightmare (i think thats what its called,the standalone dlc type game) is pretty good too

    1. Gentleman Gamer for sure….just saying that no doubt they occasionally go on deep deep sale, and can get both for about $10-15 a piece if you wait a little.

    2. Yup….its a cool series. The original, which was Vita only, got an HD remaster for PS4. I wouldn’t pay $50 for both games, but wait for a sale, and they’re definitely worth your time.

  2. I finished mankind divided and just wanted more. I love the Deus ex universe and games, despite issues over length. I’m hoping that square enix does revisit Deus ex at some point soonish (I’m ok with waiting 5 years)

    1. @Jerome Young ain’t that short, but story wise you believe you are going after the illuminaty, but all you do is stop a terrorist/henchman and then it just ends. Hench it feels like half of the game is missing allot of plots are unanswered so your left with a feeling of wtf! I was baffled when the credits starting rolling hahaha. Gameplay wise tho it does improve allot on the first game. But don’t go expecting a good story.

  3. 4:00 came up, and I was like “is that Lt. Daniels from The Wire?” … then you immediately used a Wee Bey clip.. get out of my head!

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