Emberlight – (Turn-Based Dungeon Crawler Roguelike)

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Emberlight is a true roguelike dungeon crawler, set in a world where the Gods have given you a great gift – and a great curse.

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  1. It’s like the lines of fighters are spread out to be a time sink. It takes twice as long for a character to move to and from their spot than the attack itself. This makes combat take nearly twice as long as needed. It’s also weird that they are “fighting” from opposite sides of the room. Because *that’s* normal…

    1. @Ortorin I’ll give that a shot for the next build and see how it looks. Added to Todo. Thank you again for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

    2. @William Phelps I’ll give you the best idea I have and just move on. Since simplicity is something I’m sure you desire, why not make minimal changes? The worst part of your combat is the turn around at the end of their movement back. The quickest, easiest fix I can think of is to pivot the characters on the back foot one step from their position so they can turn around without doing so on the spot.

      So one step before their position they land on their left (back) foot. They then pivot while bringing their right (forward) foot into its resting position. The pivot ends with the left (back) foot coming back and planting into its position.

      It’s a much better transition that will take away a ton of the cringe associated with the character movement. If you only make a good pivot transition into their start positions, I really don’t think you need to change much to help with the feel of combat.

      (though, I think the characters are too small for the stage, the combat doesn’t feel close enough, you’re watching from much further back than is needed. A little play with scaling on top of a pivot animation would probably put you in the sweet spot.)

    3. @Ortorin Fair points made, and I’m sure as time progresses we’ll be able to iron out the kinks in the combat animation, flow, and mechanics with more resources. To this point, we’ve had many folks through Twitch and YouTube play through over the past two months before launch and we had refined areas that they provided as issues both explicitly (speaking to us on Discord) and via us just watching as they progressed. Now that we’re launched, we’ll get plenty more feedback (such as yours) and its our job to assimilate what we can. So I really do appreciate you taking the time to point this out, and I would invite you to join our Discord server so we can further refine the combat side and get your input as we progress.

    4. @William Phelps Characters don’t stand that far away from each other in FFX and they have a lot more pep to their step. You are trying to take a well crafted stage and use it yourself, but you have missed all points about the scale of the characters to the stage, as well as the flow of movement by the camera and the fact that characters do not line up perfectly.
      You’ve made a pale imitation. It’s cringy…

    1. Dev here: This was effectively built without a proper artist for the first pass. We did put a lot of effort in ensuring whatever we added externally was cohesive and consistent to the best of our abilities. I’d assume there was, at least initially, a similar situation with Slay the Spire’s development when I followed them early. Our goal is effectively the same as MegaCrit where we can now, post launch, be able to generate funds to properly redo the entire game’s art and audio. Its on the agenda for the next few months, funding permitting.

    1. @William Phelps No worries – I was just surprised to see them since I assumed that the MuHa people would have created their own assets as they have other games under their belt and a lot of their other assets are custom. Definitely makes sense to focus on the gameplay, engine, and story before worrying about icons if you have a serviceable set (and the ones you’ve chosen seem fine for their purpose.) Cheers!

    2. Dev here: I’d make a guess that they probably used a mix of a Humble bundle like we used with other assets. Like my reply above, this was built without a proper artist, and overall our goal is to now be able to bring one in to be able to revamp everything to be completely unique. We’re happy with where we got everything, but we’d much prefer a more ideal scenario where, from the ground up, this was driven by the vision of an artist instead of programmers masquerading as artists (though I am pretty proud of what we were able to do with what we had available).

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