First Time Playing Nightwolf Online! – MK11: “Nightwolf” Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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    1. Youtubes just dumb. Dont know how to tell the difference actual violent videos and video game footage… then again idk how theyd work around it either

    1. Vman used to be interesting before, nowadays his commentary got annoying due to his forced “whigga” attitude and doesn’t even do Youtube like he used to anymore.

    1. Toxic SHiiT Oh shiz, you really hit me with a question there im not sure if i can remember. But i think i did it using Google and just edited my acc name from there

  1. Keep up the great videos man. One thing I like is that you listen to your audience when they want a certain type of video. Keep up the great content!

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