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ONI tips on how to kill germs in water and much more in a tutorial style 'let's play' series.
How to manage food, morale, stress, decor, liquids, gases, power, disease and temperature … amongst other things!

Germ Killer 3.0 Short Version –
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    1. You are a genius, I can’t use the water filter cause it just keep heating up, in a few second go from 29Β° to 80Β° (I don’t test how hot it can get) and start getting damage, so this video is a game savior, now my colony can keep going.

    1. @Skye Storme I have a pretty safe way to dig up gyzers that are buried without all the gasses/liquids escaping (Assuming there encased in rock XD )

      Just build airlocks infront of them before you dig them out.

  1. Your solution for cleaning polluted water Skye, is a large helping of Hot Damn, covered in Awesome Sauce, with a nice side order of Cool Beans man! Keep up the great work xD – and yes, there was much rejoicing in my base after i put this in

    1. Since it’s only filling for 25% of the cycle you should be able to run 4 reservoirs off the single pump/filter setup (though it also seems like you could probably get away with a 33% fill/clean/empty cycle and cut that to 3 reservoirs to handle the single pump + filters).

  2. You can increase the efficiency by putting a sensor on the pump, so that it only pumps 10 kg of polluted water all the time, not a bit of polluted water, so your power is saved. Also does putting airflow tile underneath the reservoir increase the rate at which the germs are killed?

  3. Great job, thanks for this!

    And for the comments about waterlocks and airlocks.

    I dont see how a Waterlock is an exploit. If the devs hated people not using doors to attempt a proper airlock, they would nerf it. Also people using doors to LITERALLY DESTROY gases is more of an exploit than a waterlock. Iv never seen or heard of a door in and of itself destroying gas or liquid. I have heard of people swimming through underwater tunnels to natural caves that have low oxygen because there is no airflow and people keep visiting the damn thing breathing all the oxygen.

    If you are all about NOT exploiting, you wouldnt use 4-400000000000 doors to destroy gases or liquids. You would make a proper airlock with 1 door, some open room, gas pump and filter, another door and pray the pump removes the gas you dont want before it escapes the other side. Or later on using some sensors im not good with yet (nooby I is). Crying exploit about something totally viable but turning around and using an exploit is just idiotic to an extreme. Stop doing it.

  4. I like your tailored solution! It just works! There is one dangerous bit, however, if the clean water wasn’t filling the pipes and doesn’t arrive on time (due to wire changes, water shortage, or buildups). I think making it 2% (or even 3%) is worth it just to be extra safe. Overall, very cool!

  5. Nice compact and logical design good job on that one.
    I may have to shamelessly β€œsteal” the design for all my water purifying needs, plus I think you could get it quite early on around the time you would think to build the clean room so less space needed.

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