Modern Warfare New Gameplay + Details

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Modern Warfare Gameplay in 4K looks incredible. Realistic mode, Night mode and plenty of new detail on projectiles and more! NEW T-Shirt: Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. Nicke Picke the lootboxes never have ruined COD. Doesn’t make anyone play better or change anything mechanical. You just have to play smarter and better as u pick the game up

    1. Chris Williams May sound realistic but it’s difficult to project that sound when technology hasn’t made speakers or microphones that have no static. This sounds good, at least till the next turn of tech comes

    2. @InVader that is how they sound though, it’s not just the sound of the muzzle but also the parts inside of the weapon making noise as they collide

    1. @HoneyLizabeth that was cod who did that & stop using the word african american, africa is a continent full of countries of people with all sorts of melanin count.

    1. Fr, like it’s always good to watch a good player play the game the way it was supposed to be played instead of jumping around corners and such like it wasn’t too fast, and the aim was pretty good

    1. Right? Even just making new maps could make this game stay relevant for the next 3 years. But they should make skins that takes tough grinding to get. For example Gears 3 made a onyx gnasher skin that you could only get if you reach 2500 kills with it.

    2. Exactly. Let it breath for awhile, and listen to the fans and keep adding new features with updates. No need to split the team up right after release and focus all effort on next year’s game instead of keeping the focus on this one.

    1. Same. The gameplay just looks so smooth and satisfying. A solid foundation to put that classic CoD gameplay loop on. It will be the first CoD game I get since BO2.

    1. @Button Mash I know. But just in general, Battlefield hasn’t been good since last gen.

      Also, DICE oversaw the development of Hardline. So… They were pretty much involved

    1. @Schullitz BF1 had so much more going for it than people realize. no other BF game has had the same level of immersion and atmosphere.

      BFV however, was rushed corporate crap.

    1. @Liam Sitgreaves I remember hearing that they are keeping the camps more realistic in this one. To go with the realism aspect of the game.

    1. @Gabriel Rohrbach Even so. They claim to be sticking to reality yet they have a lever action rifle in the game when lever actions are FAAAAR fron being a widely used weapon nowadays if used at all. So a UMP wouldn’t be that far fetched. 😛

    2. @Lord KaBlamo Sure, a few countries still use it, but very few do. More and more militaries are gravitating towards the AR-9, and AR-15 SBRs and pistols, simply because they’re more reliable and there’s more aftermarket parts out there

    3. @Lord KaBlamo How is it not? The UMP 9, 40 and 45 still sees use now a days, albiet not as much as it used to, but its still around.

  1. I can’t wait for this game to come out. Everything I’ve seen and heard so far looks and sounds amazing. Lets just hope microtransactions don’t ruin the game🤞

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