1. I bought it about a month ago and it’s by far the best way I’ve ever spent $400. I think oculus is the way to go because you can play games from the steam store and oculus store, which don’t always overlap. The tracking is inside out, but its very rarely inaccurate, and if it is, it fixes itself within a matter of seconds.

  1. been using it for a 2 months now, like it 🙂 not perfect tracking but great first headset (have used HTC Vive, HTC vive pro, Oculus)

  2. Unrelated, but you should make a new airsoft video, they were such high quality and although they didn’t generate the most revenue but they were genuinely fun to watch!

  3. I’ve had a blast playing super hot, super underrated game. Not to much replay value once all levels are completed but fun as hell nun the less

  4. hell yeah just got this today, playing pavlov is mind blowing and would defo recommend at £7 with user made maps/ported maps from bf3/cod mw2

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