Anchoring B-Site on DUST2 feat. Stewie βš“ – CS:GO Playstyle

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Playing B on Dust 2 alone can be daunting. Even if you're one of the best players in the world. Stewie tells us how he approaches the site!

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  1. Hilarious you get Stewie doing a video on how to Anchor B site Dust2 when it is by far his and Liquids weakest individual position of any player on any map and honestly looks weak even compared to other teams and players like Zeus on Navi. xD just my opinion but lol.

    1. Agree a lot with it despite being a massive stew and liquid fan, naf at short and twistzz at long is what gets them most of the CT rounds, nitro and Stewie are too weak at B together. Imo the best B anchor would be Magisk

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