Borderlands 3 Gameplay and First Impressions


Borderlands 3 gameplay. I built an army of guns with legs on Eden-6. Really enjoying this so far. Check out the game here: VIP: Video sponsored by 2K Games. FL4K.

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    1. @JohnnyBadboy In Borderlands you find the guns everywhere, bossfight are not as common but the bestiary is way bigger, there is some massive skill trees with each character and it’s an RPG with an open world made into multiple maps of various size that you will fast travel to at will
      Destiny is really different in the way you go to places and find loot
      Destiny is more of an mmo, Borderlands is a shooter looter game

    2. @JohnnyBadboy I haven’t played destiny too, but its open world, sci fi. The art style of the game is what makes it more playable.

    1. @Alex yeah one thing I really really hate about Borderlands 3. They completly removed recoil… its so trash without recoil, BL2 was perfect

    1. @The Wanderer ow okay, I thought you were one of those typical Indians on the internet posting really weird comments with no context at all

    1. @Kilroy yo if you got bl2 I would play with you to show you the ropes. It really is a fun game and I think you need to play that one to figure out the story of this one

    1. @Y EL7TE No, they just asked where I got the new Borderlands 3 info. I told them it was from Jacks video and they left me alone

  1. I just really hoped it would be released on Steam with it’s big brother Borderlands 2 (probably my favorite game). I know it’s just business as usual and this competition between companies can force them to become better but this battle between digital platforms (games, streaming, etc) can be really annoying for us customers.

    1. Sahil Gill well like most BL fans I have been waiting for this game to come out for a long time, and I really want to play it on release.

    2. Voi_D it will come out on steam just not on release sadly…. It really is annoying I have Origin, Blizzard, Uplay, Steam and now I’m going to have to use the epic store like really lol

  2. Still bummed I won’t be able to enjoy the silky smooth frames and extra fidelity of PC for the first few months. But the good ol’ PS4 should do the job in the meantime.

    Really looking forward to more borderlands, it’s one of my favourite series. I even enjoyed The Pre Sequel.

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