Ghost Rider VS Lobo (Marvel VS DC) | DEATH BATTLE!

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    1. This new DBX format is fun and all, but seriously, Shanoa from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia vs Miriam from Bloodstined: Ritual of the Night is a battle that NEEDS to happen.

    2. I’m voting for Link so the die-hard DBZ fanboys can rage like hell. Besides, I don’t even like most of Dragon Ball’s characters, let alone the series itself.

    3. Didnt need 23 and me, my family on one side has records stretching back to 1173 ad. And my ancestor from then was the king of Wales. So no longer do i habe to take criticism from peasants

    4. It seems like this match up could be a test of the voter base to see if the popular character wins against the stronger character.
      There is also the psychology of wanting to see the underdog win the fight and this also can influence votes.

  1. Boomstick: “That’s terrifying!”
    Wiz: His visage is terrifying yes, but-“
    Boomstick: “No, Nick Cage.”
    Wiz: “Agreed.”
    The one thing they agree on!

    1. @xjackxfrost666 Yea but lobo out classes DP in so many ways. His strength alone is enough. Lobo could wrestle the sword away and kill dead pool

  2. Wow, there’s a lot of nice touches in the animation, the stuff with all the extra Lobos and when Ghost Lobo is getting dragged, he tries digging his teeth in the ground when his arms get pulled back. Good work.

    1. L all depends on if Giorno has requiem. Without it he loses spectacularly. With it he’s one of the most powerful fictional characters

    1. It said something about a church on Lobo’s side so i was worried for a bit, but most of the thinking was just whether or now the soul damage/eating would work on Lobo, since it was possible that the Penance Stare may not work. Lobo definitely would have had access to a holy weapon at some point but just needed to know about the soul things first. Definitely thought Lobo was gonna win this but it all hinged on the soul.

    1. @PUG King

      He can be both. Chris Evans was both Human Torch and Captain America. While different companies, that still can show that having 2 roles isn’t too farfetched

  3. normally I would assume DC would win everytime but I this time I figured ghost rider had a chance
    especially since lobo has a soul

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