How To AUTOMATE Your COOLING SYSTEM! – Oxygen Not Included FULL RELEASE GUIDE Gameplay Ep 14

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ONI tips on how to automatically regulate the temperature of your base and much more in a tutorial style 'let's play' series.
How to manage food, morale, stress, decor, liquids, gases, power, disease and temperature … amongst other things!

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  1. Loving the series hope you make a second one with one of the harder maps. Some of them have no algae at all makes early oxygen a bit of a trick.

  2. Wolframite thermal conductivity = 15
    Niobium thermal conductivity = 56
    Tungsten thermal conductivity = 60
    Thermium thermal conductivity = 220

    wolframite is quite far from being the best thermal conductive material.

  3. cool watching you play skye.. love it so far.. i love to play this game and watching you making me want to play it more.. hahaha.. love from malaysian man..

  4. Sky!! I finally have a smooth, so far, playthru! Only took me 6 trys and bombs. Please keep up the series so I can continue to learn from u silly man 🙂 I would be lost with out the guidance. *MUCH REJOICING*

  5. Can’t you change the degrees intake the lowest 1° or 2° because 0° and the water freezes instead of 4° and as the base colder system is lower the temperature change the temperature up slowly I believe in pushing the thing untill it brakes to 4° you said 15 days but you could lower that if so thanks for the temperature guild

  6. There’s a ‘Gas Overlay’ mod that replaces the O2 overlay. I believe it’s superior to both the O2 overlay, and the Material Overlay set to Gasses. You’re going to have to increase your holding tank soon (raising the side wall) , you are bringing in new water into the system after all.

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