10 Bethesda Mistakes They Want You To Forget

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Everybody makes mistakes but when a game company does it…it's extremely noticeable thanks to the Internet. Here are some examples from Bethesda.
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    1. Top Mainstream Game Publishers:
      (From Worst to Best Consumer-friendly)

      Square Enix
      CD ProjektRed

      *note, this is for AAA-title companies that aren’t Mobile Games only. And these are the money funders/publishers and not strictly developers.

    2. @TheOneReal Clips except it isn’t new, and it’s still a broken mess. Less broken now than on release sure. Real low bar to set for expectations.

    3. Christian Pereña it’s still a new game and their making moves to improve the game they aren’t trying to hide anything about 76

    1. Bethesda: *does the opposite of what the fans want*
      Fans: [everyone disliked that]
      [everyone hated that]
      [Dogmeat is disgusted in you]

    2. God damn where did this hilarious gas station clip comes from at the end? This is far better than anything Fallout 76 has to offer.

    1. “My water isn’t looking very water-like, this isn’t rendering at all” -some guy idk

      “I was supposed to get a canvas bag, I got a glorified sack, what am I supposed to do with this thing, drown?” -also some guy idk

  1. I immediately thought of horse armor when I saw the thumbnail, almost cried laughing when straight at the beginning Falcon goes for Horse Armor… 😂🐴

  2. I’ll never forget the “ Save player 1 “ campaign they had literally 2 weeks before announcing Fallout 76 as an online only game.

    1. That was so f*cking low… the game was already being made (never was finished though) so, they were basically lying on our faces for a “good guy” PR camping…

  3. Skyrim on PS3 was my introduction to The Elder Scrolls series 😅. Since I had never experienced PC, or good framerates before in a PS3 game. I didn’t think anything of it. Now, I can never go back 😂.

    1. No but really he does this in every video, go look at the others he narrates and you’ll notice it too. I think he might have some condition like Dysarthria or something I have no clue. Or he just drinks a ton before every video lol.

    2. ReZisT Lust the drink they promised everyone in a metal bottle but was actually plastic was. that’s what I was referring to

  4. The worst thing Bethesda continues to do is NOT UPGRADE TO A LESS BUGGY ENGINE. Seriously, quit using the creation engine. Upgrade, dammit.

    1. Cretion engine is good if they truly care how to used it like modders. Skyrim can turn into dark souls, next gen graphics, new cities, world or stories, etc. But yes they are lazy af comparing to the modders… Creation kit is good but the dev behind it is the outdated ones…

    2. @Glacier Frostclaw Ok, having visited Wikipedia, I can say I was indeed wrong. The Creation Engine was created for Skyrim based off their original Gamebryo Engine, which was used up until Fallout: New Vegas.

    3. @Glacier Frostclaw Simple. They apply fixes and small upgrades to the engine, but have never actually overhauled it like other engines. Although, I may be misinterpreting something, hold on…

    4. @J. Lee Tillery This is factually incorrect. If they never updated since Morrowind, then why do Skywind, Skyblivion, Fallout 4 New Vegas and the Capital Wasteland Project exist?

  5. You totally glossed over why Prey 2 was cancelled. Bethesda wanted to buy Human Head Studio’s they said no. So with the game set to release in 2012 and the dev needing a bit more time to polish the game, Bethesda stopped funding the studio in attempt to force a buy out due to the studio being locked into a contract they couldn’t work on anything else and the studio near went bankrupt plus is yet to recover. As relations between the publisher and dev collapsed the game got cancelled. Human Head didn’t make anymore games after that until Quiet Man and now the upcoming budget rpg Rune 2.

    1. @Keoma Fernandes I personally can’t trust g2a anymore. A friend of mine bought an Origin activating-code for The Sims 3 or 4 (don’t remember anymore) on g2a for his girlfriend. About a week after activating and playing the activation was revoked by EA and she couldn’t play anymore. If EA can do it, so can Bathesda.

    2. @Mark Green the solution I found for this problem is to buy the game on g2a, because most of the keys there have a “shady” origin the developer don’t get the money back, but for you it’s just a key activation. So every time I want to buy a game and also punish the publisher/dev I go for g2a so they can taste sweetness of being scammed.

    3. @Noata Kun let’s just do smash and grabs in gamestops or Wal-Mart (I’m leaning towards Wal-Mart, they’re assholes) for all our EA/Bethesda game needs. This way everybody wins. Except EA, Bethesda and Wal-Mart. Lol.

      Just so we’re clear, I’m not actually advocating crime…

      Or am I? 😉

    1. @7benbillion ESO, Fallout76 and Blades are three, and even Fallout 4 can be on the list of bad games (not entirely bad, but a horrible Fallout), also, they’re lying like crazy lately and milking their franchises to the bone… I bet Starfield, ES VI and next Fallout will have mechanics to monetize the games after launch… aside the sea of bugs on launch and even years after…

    2. @Sead_Chen_III uh… what football game? also, Starfield and TES6 are confirmed singleplayer. Bethesda doesn’t DO MMOs, and have shown what happens when they try.

    3. Sead_Chen_III what? You do realize that those games are confirmed single player. Have you ever played a Bethesda game? They’ve made what, one less than stellar game, and now there the worst company ever.

  6. Honorable mention:
    Fallout 4’s season pass price increase from $30 to $50. Then stopping abruptly with DLC once Nuka World was announced.

    1. Nehtiyalyr that is true. And I completely agree that the workshop stuff was absolute bullshit. But I, at least personally, felt like the three story DLC’s were worth my 30 dollars. Of course I can understand not feeling the same

    2. I remember seeing that the pass was about to increase and immediately bought the season pass at 30 which made me feel much better over the value overall. But raising that price to 60 really made it not worth it

  7. Mentions Denuvo and Epic Store the same day it’s revealed Borderlands 3’s newest scandal is having Denuvo DRM. This video is really well timed.

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