1. I love the solo mode. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends that play and having to deal with randoms all the time the new solo mode is a great thing

    1. @A meme Machine you get like what, 20 packs from the battle pass? People are more likely to get the heirloom on their 500th pack, it might be “free” if you get 500 free packs but enjoy doing that for however long that’d take.

  2. What I love about solo mode is getting into a firefight with somebody and they straight up take off running when they hit the reload animation, lol.

  3. I actually got downed in a solo game where I had the golden knockdown shield and the guy just ran away because the circle was coming and he thought he had killed me, it was truly hilarious.

  4. I think you forgot to mention that you have to get everything to be able to BUY the Bloodhound heirloom melee weapon pack.

    1. GearsOfCake no, it costs right about $170, you should be able to get everything including the heirloom with a $100, $60, and a $10 coin purchase.

  5. I’m just gonna say at the moment that mirage just does really well for solos, it just seems like going invisible is just op in nature for this mode

  6. Exactly what i was thinking at , ithink that we should buy the items directly or grind for them.
    The thing we got is literally gambling

  7. It’s not just the heirloom that’s a problem. It’s the ENTIRE EVENT LOOT BOX SYSTEM. You should be able to unlock EVERYTHING through CHALLENGES.

    Also solos is PERFECT. They need to keep it permanent and keep it AS IS.

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