How To Farm GLOSSY DRECKOS for PLASTIC! – Oxygen Not Included FULL RELEASE GUIDE Gameplay Ep 15

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ONI tips on how to get plastic from Glossy Dreckos and much more in a tutorial style 'let's play' series.
How to manage food, morale, stress, decor, liquids, gases, power, disease and temperature … amongst other things!

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  1. Far over the Misty Mountains cold.
    To dungeons deep and caverns old.
    We must away ere break of day.
    To find our long-forgotten world.

  2. Ranching glossy dreckos is my favourite. They are so cute, and useful! I found a cool design that lets you automate the gathering, it was so helpful!

  3. I guess it’s six of one half a dozen of another as to why you would just use hydroponic tiles to pump the cold water right into the plants, but that maybe too fiddly. If it gets too cold it’s probably harder to heat it back up.

  4. Quick question why not just make a room a little bigger and house both the glossy dracos and the other pets? The other pets wont eat the mealworms plant and since you can only hold 3 in each room anyways it’ll be more efficient use of space.

  5. Um.. your big pink thing now has 2 big things at its base… Am 2 mins in, if you don’t mention this in the rest of the video I’ll be disappointed… Don’t let me down sir

  6. you can automate the hatch killing with two horizontal doors over some water with the top door on a clock to close for half a cycle

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