Why Ghost Rider VS Lobo? | DEATH BATTLE Cast #140


The crew discusses the behind the scenes of Ghost Rider VS Lobo and we try to figure out how a Deadpool could fit into Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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    1. Steven Kinder spawn vs ghost rider would have been a bit longer of a fight, but ghost rider would have won still. It is only argued whenever there is no clear winner, or when they just leave out given facts.

    2. I think its because the characters are so different. I imagine there would have been a lot more debates if it was spawn vs ghost rider

    1. @DiddleDorp If hellfire was hotter than the Sun do you know what it would do just having Ghost Rider standing on the Street? It becomes a problem. Also this comes back to my original theory magical hellfire wouldn’t be able to physically burn someone who can withstand a Sun and all forms of Magic. If they burned his soul with it sure it might work but his body would survive it, he has no soul though so it still ends in a stalemate.

    2. @DiddleDorp Except the captions personally said Johnny is no longer in control. The image didn’t show him taking control but Dr Strange felt it and said it. So it happened That is also why he left because Zarathos saw the Hulk was not doing something Sinful.

    3. @C K He didn’t take control. You know Zarathos is in control when the flames turn blue. The flames never turned blue in that fight

    4. @DiddleDorp Just before he left Zarathos took control and blasted Hulk. This happened in the crater. Also there is no fire hot enough to burn lobo he flew through suns and healed faster then they could burn him.

    1. Jordan F ok and? So what you’re pretty much trying to saying is because they’re similar in character. It makes the fight fair?🤨 That’s like when they did Kenshi vs Daredevil

    1. Angry Robot with that logic Batman should also be somewhat close to flash speed since he fought the flash , have cat woman ever caught up with flash in another moment, other wise that would be considered a outlier

  1. Haven’t watched yet, but I figured it was a battle between bad asp bike riders. Actually I am wondering, spawn vs ghostrider now.

  2. imagine a Death Battle between Wiz & Boomstick for like an anniversary episode. It would be like a simutlated battle (so they dont actually kill eachother) hosted by the one intern from Desk of Death Battle

    1. @Van Win as in the past episode ever of death battle will be Boomstick vs Wiz. Maybe the “lore” reason why it can’t continue

  3. Keep up the great work! I love Wiz, Boomstick, and the new guy The Ringmaster. Sam and everyone on the podcast always crack me up.

  4. Lucio vs Deejay
    “Who’s got da betta beats mon”
    (Overwatch vs Street Fighter)
    Also, two others:
    Aku vs Ganondorf
    Crimson Chin vs Really Really Big Man

  5. Just a thought for Wiz vs Boomstick, but how much does Boomstick need to weigh to ‘waterbend’? How much alcohol did he need to drink to get that body?

    1. I’m not sure if they would use a similar name. They have done it (Four Swords followed by Four Swords Adventures and A Link to the Past to A Link Between Worlds), but there are direct sequels with different titles.

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