1. Everyone Should comments Same Thing To Pubg Rather Liking The Comments
      Btw Like Bhi Kiya Karo Use Comments Highlight Hoke Upar Ati Hai 😂😂lol

    1. This game is heading for a downfall. But the Indian community is making the game alive again. Literally 75% of the players in PUBG Mobile is Indians.

  1. Can you please. Fix team deathmatch .there is a glitch where you get trapped in an invisible area and you can’t get out and people kill you easily

  2. This mode is garbage after 5 times playing it gets boring…
    Better fix all gliches, you have alot of money. Only from Royal pass you get around 5-9 million $.
    You can fix all bugs easly but you don’t do this…
    I am disappointed. D-:

    1. Deividas Radžiūnas i have a LG fortune 2 and when i played PUBG it was so laggy and when the new update came it was not laging and glitching anymore

  3. glitches / bug that need to be fixed;

    1. Loading freeze
    2. Stuck in parachute even on ground
    3. Control freeze and game exits when encountering enemies

    You guys can add more.

    1. Oh there’s also the time where the controls frozen in plane during war mode.

      It will freeze until next respawn.

      Which mean you have to die to fix it.

  4. tbh I could do without the zombies
    add more weapons, vehicles, and maps
    fix bugs
    rework and polish the UI
    we play PUBG because it’s PUBG, because it fills a niche- don’t try to make it appeal to everyone or it won’t appeal to anyone
    TDM is good, arcade is good, but you’re starting to get off the tracks with all this EvoGround business

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