Control: Inf Amm0 & Inf Health Part 1

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Inf Amm0 using direct manipulation and finding inf health using our enemies health. Part 1
#CheatEngine #Control

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  1. Man you have to look into rpgmaker games. Those things are crazy. Movin entire stacks and stuff(at least that’s what I think it does). People say it is similar to gamemaker but it isn’t. Plz try giving it some time.

    1. @Cheat The Game finding values is not the problem. Its finding them everytime. None of the methods you’ve taught before work. I have to find them every time. And because i play pokemon the values change for every pokemon battle which makes it really tiresome. Scripting is also a pain because every single thing goes through the same opcode(literally hp, pp, money, coordinates…. Everything). Seriously, I’ve got a phd in address hunting now(that’s how many times I’ve done it now)

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