I Made Him Break His Controller… – Dragon Ball Fighterz: Janemba, Jiren & Vegito Gameplay

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Jiren Overpowers The Lag! – Dragon Ball Fighterz: Janemba, Jiren & Vegito Gameplay

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JANEMBA IS AWESOME! – Dragon Ball FighterZ: "Janemba" Gameplay

Janemba DESTROYS Everyone!! – Dragon Ball FighterZ: "Janemba" Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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    1. It’s actually pretty simple to understand, just watch some basic videos where people breakdown the mechanics of the game, if you really wan to understand.

      What’s awesome about this game to me, is the higher the level of gameplay, the more simple it is to understand what somebody does, and why.

    1. @Preston Cormick I remember him saying he loves the characters in Tekken, but he’s just not into 3D fighters(something like that, or I think he said “I suck at 3d fighters”) … SF on the other hand, I mean SFV is SFV… We all know what happened there, at least he got some enjoyment outta of MVCI before they stop supporting that game.

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