100 PERCENT COMBO WITH GOGETA! – Dragon Ball FighterZ: “Gogeta” Gameplay

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FIRST TIME PLAYING GOGETA ONLINE!! – Dragon Ball FighterZ: "Gogeta" Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford

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  1. Leave a like on the video for that 100% combo <3 i came up with this team fusion TOD within the first hour of playing so i'm happy i was able to do it online 🙂 i have a few others that i hopefully can land as well. gogeta/this team is so fun!

  2. I had saw this TOD on your Instagram earlier. For anyone that doesn’t follow Super on insta you should, the link to it is in the description.

  3. I love how most people favorite fusion is vegito but gogeta comes in and everyone love him for combos wow vegito fans suck up to him

  4. I played this game a little bit last year and completely forgot. Is the control similar to Naruto fighting games? Simplified buttons and such?

    1. It had simplified combos, by mashing L, L, L or m, m, m but for the most part the combos are complicated and a bit tricky to get the hang of it.

  5. Good games against team pink lol loved his name. I felt that come back with Gotenks but daaamn. Nice ToD but I can’t wait to see you get the one with the command grab snuck in there 🙂 Good stuff!

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