Sasuke VS Hiei BLOOPERS!

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Sometimes recording a Death Battle is a very chaotic affair.

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    1. @cody schreyack because I see it a lot and don’t understand why you say “Me:” followed by your thoughts instead of just saying your thoughts.

    1. Jill Sonntag it was because wiz kept asking chad for the screen and chad felt bad and just said you can have it if you get here first.

    1. @Aldin Arifovski I’m just glad we are getting Castlevania characters on Death Battle. I had a few matchups for that occasion 👍

    2. Kaibaman41 wasn’t expecting ganon to be back so soon as well as expecting Dracula to be the first castlevania character instead of simon

    1. @Grant Strader And without it we wouldn’t have One Piece and it’s almost done with the manga. But the anime has *WAY* too much filler.

    1. @Grant Strader
      Maybe. I definitely feel like Dormammu and Doctor Doom have the best chances at winning. I mean, Dormammu has powers comparable to Doctor Stranges and Doom’s beaten the Silver surfer and Galactus.

    2. @Legoking 616 unless doom has some crazy Batman level backup plan where he can somehow doop the beyonder into giving him his god emperor powers, dormammu casually solos.

    3. Earlier today, I got this crazy idea for a battle royale. Hear me out on this: Marvel comics villains battle royale. Kang the Conqueror vs Loki vs Doctor Doom vs Ultron vs Dormammu vs Apocalypse.

  1. My favorite part of all these is the face chad makes whenever a word breaks his sentince cause he doesn’t to know how to say it XD

  2. Alita ( Battle Angel Alita) vs Casshern.

    Gundam 00 Quanta vs Jehuty( Zone Of the Enders).

    Megaman Model A Grey vs Beck ( Mighty No.9).

    Inferno Cop vs Kung Fury.

    1. @PandaBrady first two are contested. Model A vs Beck is interesting as we need more data. Last one is A gag battle( because come on if live action its an actor vs a cardboard cutout).

    1. @Irish Prog and Metal Fan Ó Fearghail yes and no.
      He IS a Kryptonian, but nowhere near the level of Superman.
      He’s basically the raditz of Krypton.
      And no, raditz can’t beat zod.

    2. @Irish Prog and Metal Fan Ó Fearghail It’s a decently close fight, but I have to hand it to Frieza. I feel like since Zod spends most of his time in the Phantom Zone, therefore not getting exposed to the sun as much, he’s not quite as powerful as Superman. Frieza, on the other hand, has conquered and destroyed dozens of planets, and his Golden Frieza form makes him more powerful than SSB Goku and Vegeta combined, I believe. But please, if you think Zod wins, feel free to explain why.

  3. After seeing Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I kind of want to see an actual Death Battle of Batman vs Shredder. That was the best fight scene of the movie.

    1. @Fakenit66 It was kind of a missed opportunity that they didn’t get Ra’s and Shredder to fight in the film. I was expecting that to happen throughout, as villains working together in those sorts of stories inevitably try to betray each other.

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