THE LAST OF US 2 New Gameplay Demo (2020) PS4

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THE LAST OF US 2 New Gameplay Demo (2020) PS4
Release date : 21/02/2020
© 2019 – Naughty Dogs

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    1. @afro Puffs negga is still relevant in 2k19 trying to insulted someone with the word Nintendo fan boy really really 🤣👍🏾 what is youre IQ 5? lol and the other negga just say the online was good and to with 2 character dont be mad for this LMAO so pathetic

    2. @Jiggie go tell them to the 1k who are currently doing a petition for the online, btw that will change nothing 😅 (now i know why the wanabe afro samurai who think i am a Nintendo fanboy for a reason i stil dont know was mad about me🤣 poor little guy ) it is not a question that it is good or not ya know but to have a complete game, they remove too much things which was present in the first, I do not say that they would be bad, I am one of the first who already preorder TLOU2, las of us or uncharted are my favorite games, unfortunately I have no more time to discuss you know the time is money😅

  1. wow the SJW bullsh*t Noughty Dog and mostly Neil Druckmann do how they want to empower everyone meaning women how that other girl is so tough it looks like this is the theme here the Mighty Women and all that wont be a problem if they wasnt pushing this sh*tty SJW agenda

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