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  2. He knew everyone was going to comment about the ending so he just wanted to check how many of you did watch the whole video… smart guy

    1. sorry, im trying to figure out your comment, why did he know everyone was going to comment about the ending? cause it ended abruptly? and how did he check? and what makes him smart? im just lost by your comment, im not smart guy, lol πŸ™

  3. level cap is great always been good glad he is still going. liked him since bf3 and why I played that and bf4. Always here for his news to hear his opinions on games. Glad you are doing great

  4. LvLcap it was not only Grown war that was pure trash in Battlenonsens video! ALL THE NORMAL mode was pure CoD trash as well! With mad delays evan with the 62Hz tick rate! πŸ™

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