Finally it’s here! Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V finally added Al Sundan! Let's check it out, do a bit of fly swatting and get some first impressions. Across the Battlefield! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. *Scenic bombing run and then just shoots a freggin plane out of the sky*
    “So anyways guys hopefully we can get some good gameplay”

    1. @merickful Granted, many were burnt by last year’s shitshow so naturally, their opinion towards the game will be negative regardless of it’s improvements

    1. I hated BF4. BF1 is my favorite atm due to farming kills Haha. BFV.. yea.. terrible. I think BF1 is one if the best out there. At least you can destroy a bomber alot faster than bombers in BFV.

    2. I’m playing BFV on XBOX and planes are just horrible to control. I don’t like the default control scheme at all, but at least I can change that; the problem for me was aim sensitivity. DICE, in their infinite wisdom, decided both tanks and planes should use the same look sensitivity slider, so if I up the sensitivity to let my fly without crashing, I then have to go back and lower it to default or the next time I hop in a tank, the sensitivity will have my aim darting about like a squirrel on cocaine. It’s just too much hassle and planes don’t play well IMO even when I have the proper sensitivity, so I’ve just stuck with tanks since.

    1. if you read the notes for this map, they did this on purpose to force people to use vehicles for transport across wide open areas… this is much better battlefield and a better representation of what the war would be like .

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