The Making of the NEW CACHE

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One of the most iconic CS maps of all time is getting a remake!
Presenting: The new de_cache!

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    1. ​@Jfish Nope. That’s because really abandoned places looks different. Chernobyl is example. In the world exists a lot of other abandoned towns. You can find in Google. These towns wasn’t covered by green mold, there appeared more noble vegetation like trees, bushes. And I’m repeating: this map is looks like apartment after flood.

    1. Still exist on old map. I think thats perfectly fine. Just a fact that someone had graffiti for YEARS is a lot. But things change and we cant glorify one lucky play forever

    1. @Dzeki Ckoni too OP? one flash you have nowhere to hide?

      It’s high risk high reward place, not OP

      they can easily clear one by one so having both of them doesn’t matter much

    1. @Jaiden you can try to throw the smoke inside of the window from t spawn. Or you just smoke the middle of mid and throw a molotov inside of window if you want to rush a or something

    2. @Deontay Wilder It’ll be too hard to smoke that window from somewhere save. Its on a raise platform with no walls behind it to stop a smoke from flying over

    1. @s4vro. It was just a joke that it looks so modern and that Stalker 2 might look like that, or at least replace Stalker 2 in the mean time in terms of visual pleasing. Why is it different to the first cache? Well imo there was a bit of that weird approach to the first one, where half of the stuff was like cargo, design approach, some props (like the cargo car near t spawn) could look like something in the US or EU, somewhere more desolated or a legit just an old warehouse. Right now with new props and the grass all over its actually looks like chernobyl to full extent.

    2. Fire For Hire u are srsly?! Cache is map that copied from Chernobil’. And the location from STALKER copied from Chernobil’. You are genius.

    3. Кэш теперь больше стал быть похожим на зону отчуждения (Чернобыль). Создали офигеть крутую атмосферу.

    1. @Xanu X Thats not what its about really, its about how unlikely it is combined with when it happened and really good casting.

      BTW its not one of my favourite moments either, mine is probably the Happy inferno deagle ace, which is also 90% luck.

    1. @Lagger Buy a new one. I have a ryzen 3 1200 which is a 45€ cpu and a RX580 which is a 100€ gpu and i get 200-300fps on any cs map. PC’s aren’t expensive in 2019. You can get a pretty good pc for triple a games for about 400-500€.

    1. its fit no doubt

      but i guess people disappoint (including me) because they want major change theme

      like he done with deseason, and also if you look at change by valve wih nuke inferno dust2 train

    1. The worst part is that it now shares the same blorange (more yellow but still) disease as the other maps. Doesn’t seem to be that noisy though. But even the sky is the same…

    2. It’s actually the area after Chernobyl. There are various documentaries where you see that nature can thrive after events like Chernobyl but humans cannot live there. Those small plants in cache are those indications.

    1. Why would it?, it’s just some retextures, some holes, sounds and that’s it, my pc is a fucking trash too but i can play the new dust II well and inferno was ever bad in my PC but now it runs a little bit better than the older inferno.

    1. That mid window is a good add to the map you could never leave that area because t can camp there they have 2 spots one on top of the box and the other a garage

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