10 Things Borderlands 3 Players HATE

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We love Borderlands 3 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) but even the biggest fans have some complaints. Here are some things that have been annoying players.
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  1. This is a small thing but I hate that when you look at loot that’s on the ground or in the chest- the spec chart never fits my screen so I have to back up 10 steps to see the top

    1. I cannot hate anything more then troy. Tyreen is actually a cool character and concept. Her bother on the other hand is just rage inducing

  2. You can’t “loot as junk.” It’s encouraged to loot useless items and sell them, but to do that you have to either pick up everything and slowly mark each item as junk in the slow as balls inventory then sell them all, or favorite what you don’t want to sell then kinda slowly sell each junk item individually. How have they still not figured out the magical concept of loot as junk?

    Sure I’d just be a small convenience thing, but it’s a small amount that adds up over time, taking time away from the shooting that i actually want to do.

    1. @The Khan mine too along with my level 50 moze demanded something be done by gearbox and they say they can only offer a few golden keys a FEW for more than 60 hours of gameplay gone

  3. “In the early days after Borderlands 3 launch..” boy how far in the future do you think we are, it’s not 2022 or anything like that 😂

  4. When you’re up and about, enemies are always getting in your face nonstop, but when you’re knocked down and in “Fight for Your Life” mode looking for that second wind, every enemy is behind cover.

    1. @ThaFamily plus it’s a video game. the devs should want to make their players actually PLAY and not drive them away with dumb mechanics. FFYL has never really been a fun gameplay experience, just frustrating

    2. Happens way less in this than any previous game.

      BUT these are mostly psychos that run at you and explode… Should they all be smart?

    1. Imagine how easy the game would be with them on auto pick up, some boosters give back 60% sheild and drop everytime you take damage. Would be like unlimited supply of sheild unless something 1 shots you.
      It is annoying chasing that booster when your out of sheild but that just means cover wasnt utilised or we bit off more than we could chew, good learning experience IMO because otherwise id sit in middle of map being a Salvador.

  5. When your trying to read a guns stats on the ground or in a chest and you pet walks infront of you and moves you away from the item or person you’re trying to talk to.

  6. 5:30 that’s how the end of the fight is supposed to go. He says “damn zero tech” cause he’s not as skilled a user as zero. And winds up malfunctioning and zipping all around till I assume it just freaking de-atomized him or something

    1. It’s really easy! If you take one shot at a clone they will glitch out on your screen. but if you shoot the right one he doesn’t glitch with every bullet, real ammo saver 👌🏻

    2. Also, they obviously didn’t realise that he usually sits on top of an electrical box (that even recharges) when he spawns his clones so you can shoot it and instantly wipe out most of them.

    3. Juan Echeverria Yeah! So far I’ve only played solo and that fight has never given me any sort of issues? If you can find the real Katagawa anytime he creates clones it’s not that bad

  7. The HUD, it’s so laggy and stays on screen during gameplay sometimes, and switching from skill tree to map and what not is very tedious

  8. For me its Fl4k’s pets
    When you’re trying to check out loot the damn pets ALWAYS get in the way or push you. Wish we can unsummon them at times

    1. That feeling when you try to speak to someone to further the story and accidentally touch pet. Then you have to watch the monkey scratch his balls in front of you

    1. @Worrior Lord well, Ill go ahead and tell you, I knew she wanted too be a siren, but the “spoiler” picture I saw didn’t make me immediately go “omg she is a siren now”. So if say the average player would be less likely to notice it based on that clip.

      It wasn’t spoiled for me untill dingus explicitly said it. Going off the image, you can barely see Tannis’ tats, and I understood ava to be a siren just from the commercials… She even did the fist bump thing the the the 2 sirens from bl2 did.

      All I’m saying, is to call that still frame a spoiler is reaching…

    2. Mitsurugi2424 not everyone who plays borderlands 3 knows everything about everyone in the other games. Simple logic dictates if you see tannis at the beginning of the game, then her at the end, you can tell she somehow becomes a siren, which is a spoiler.

      You already meet 2 sirens prior to seeing tannis in this game so a fresh borderlands player can already identify a siren.

    3. @RacistSonic tbh, no. And for 2 reasons: 1)it was a really short clip. Hard to know what’s going on unless you’ve already seen it. 2) she has been trying to do that since bl1?

      Now you’re comment, on the other hand, is a spoiler. As it explicitly explains and adds plot context to the image. At this point you’re a bigger spoiler than the pic.

  9. Katagawa Jr. Fight Tip: Shoot the generator he lands on as soon as he spawns the decoys, it’ll wipe them all out immediately. It was shown on the footage a bit, using them, but the generators will help greatly if you get the timing right!
    I found that many bosses have tricks like this, explore the fights a bit, you might be surprised!

    1. It works every time that you can, but because the minimap is a hot mess at ups and downs it can be hard to tell which one he has landed on in the 3 seconds you have to shoot it.

  10. Here are some additional complaints:
    1. can’t change quests in map view, causing you to need to swap between quest and map to see which is the closest
    2. THEY REMOVED THE VALUE SORT IN INVENTORY. When my inventory is full of trash and I need to drop some stuff to pick up more valuable trash, I want to drop my least valuable items. Value sort was so useful for this and they removed it! BTW in my experience pistols, grenades, and shields have the lowest value.

    1. Pim Jickens no score is nothing like Value. Your inventory becomes all mixed together as opposed to how value would work. I just made a long post about this more in detail so I entirely agree with you @Boruba

  11. I really don’t understand why the took the “Price” category out of the game when in your gear inventory/vending machine. I use that feature Non-stop on Bl2 to immediately sell all the crappy guns at the bottom but the “Score” category does NOT translate very well at ALL to this prices are all over the place and takes a ton of time to individually go through everyone of my weapons to look at prices and what I need to sell. And also a “Dmg” category would be nice.

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